More than a Convenient Marriage? & No Longer Forbidden? by Dani Collins

Reviewed by Desere 

I have become completely addicted to this author's books and I will add it has happened much faster than with other author's books.

Dani Collins has a simply magical way to draw me in from the first chapter and to entrance me to the point where if anyone tried to talk to me to or interrupt me in any way whilst reading a Dani Collins book I would turn into the " Can't you see I am reading?" type of person in under two seconds.

And for that very reason I make sure no one can find me when I sit down with one of Dani's books. In her December 2 in 1 release I was once again swept into a world filled with such amazing romance, passion and pure magic I was lost to the world for two whole days!

In the first read More than a convenient marriage? the author tells of rich, powerful off the hook sexy Gideon. He has everything a man could ever want including a beautiful wife. At least that is what the outside world thinks and sees.

The real life of Gideon involves his loving wife Adara filing for a divorce, and as we all know is one heck of an embarrassment to a Greek ! He won't take it lying down but he will take Adara lying down in his bed over and over again until she realizes this is no longer a business arrangement this is a marriage made for keeps.

I ADORED this book it was filled with such raw emotion from both the hero and heroines's side I was constantly bawling my eyes out, tissues were everywhere and had I let the outside world in they would have thought I was trying to overcome a serious loss, red, puffy eyes from start to finish!  The one thing that stood out for me the most was how the hero and heroine don't bottle up their problems they actually let it out and got to talking.

The message I took from this book was that communication is vital in any relationship, no matter if it's a business arrangement of a romantic involvement. Without communication everything that you think has been slotted into place by a mere look or a nod of the head, it will crumble if you don't actually voice our thoughts.

5/5 star review
"From the ashes of heartache and misery a new life is borne" 

The second story in this 2 in 1 release we meet Rowan she is the only woman that has ever been able to twist and turn Mr I don't love Nicodemus Marcussen 's control. He has always wanted her but due to family circumstance or rather scandals in the night she is forbidden to him.

But when tragedy hits Rowan comes back into his life and this time they are forced to confront their most forbidden desires.  Only Nic has his own idea of what and who Rowan really is, and that will never change unless secrets start coming to light.

Another brilliant, heartfelt, gut wrenching read that brought forth so many emotions I was on a rollercoaster of madness. One minute I wanted to grab the hero and smash his head in, he was so arrogant and so mean at one time I felt my heart break for the heroine's stake!

The author gave such excellent and insightful POV's for both characters that once you get into their minds and thoughts it all just perfectly falls into place and instead of wanting to bash the hero's head in I wanted to hold him close and do everything possible to bring him back to life.

The deep dark whole of despair the author plunges her character into was so amazing it took my breath away. It was so realistic  I felt my heart start to race and my pulse pounding away at the very raw emotion.  I loved how the author let the family scandal, secrets, assumptions and misconceptions develop into a mind blowing romance , when it all slotted into place I shouted out " So that's it!"

The author had me on the edge of my seat and begging for more ! I am taking away a message of we all think we know someone, but in actual fact we only know what we see. If we take the time to really get to know someone and all their secrets we will be able to see they are just like us, trying to get through life as best they can, and love is a powerful emotion in the world of facing our troubles.

5/5 star review
" Love is never forbidden when it 's too powerful to ignore" 

I highly recommend both these reads for all fans of romance. The author write passionate, heartfelt and realsitic romances that will blow you away with powerful raw emotion and have you believing in love in under sixty seconds.