A Carol for Kent by Hallee Bridgeman

A Carol for Kent

Reviewed by Desere

From the first moment I came across Hallee Bridgeman's books I was blessed, each and every time she writes such stunning emotionally packed reads that tears my soul to shreds and then so beautifully puts me back together again.

In the third book from the Song of Suspense series she had done it once again! The read tells of Carol, she is the Assistant Commonwealth Attorney,and single mom ! And yes just like the life of any other single mom out there she is super busy and has no time to mess around with anything other than raising her daughter and doing her job.

But with the grace of God she gets through each day just fine, that is until her daughter's father comes back into her life. Now most single mom's will tell you that the father of your child making a come back after a one night stand left you alone and pregnant and saw him taking off, is the stuff nightmares are made off.

You want to be angry and hurt, but know that it will only show him getting the better of you. The case in this read could not be further from the everyday scenario. Bobby Kent aka suddenly dad to a child he never knew about is just as confused and thrown for a loop as Carol is. Can they sort through the secrets and lies that landed them in the current situation? And can Carol escape the serial killer out to get her?

From the first page right through to the end I was spellbound by this read. The author takes a everyday situation and turns it into a mesmerizing, I can't stop reading, mind blowing reading experience.

I adored the characters and fell in love with them all, except our killer of course. Now Mr I 'll make you suffer before I kill you was something else. The guy was all kind of pure nastiness that had my skin crawling and looking behind me every couple of minutes. The author created the perfect killer with raw intensity and I could feel his rage and devious mind seeping through the pages.

The love story between Carol and Bobby was so very beautiful and showed how God let's everything work out at just the right moment in time. I highly recommend this read for all fans of reading. This one author's books that will change your life, even if you aren't a fan of reading believe me you want to no, you must read her books! Just as me you will feel blessed and be in awe of her writing.

5/5 star review
" The last song ever written is the best one of all"