Fair Game by R.C. Matthews


Reviewed by Desere 

This was the first time I read a book by this author but it will not be the last. I very much enjoyed the chemistry between the main characters Leah and Jared.

From the start the read was sizzling with passion and mystery. The read starts off with Leah putting herself in the line of fire to help her best friend. The game plan is simple, Leah needs to distract her best friend's brother so that she can go out and put the moves on his best friend.

So we have Leah willing to distract the most obnoxious man she knows, Jordan prancing around in her best outfit to score with her brother's best friend and poor Jared who has no idea that his long lonely lust-filled nights dreaming about Leah is about to come true.

Yes that's right ladies, Jared has had the hots for Leah for a long time, but out of respect for his sister he has been as downright nasty as can be to Leah in order to cover up his lust for her. But when he finds out his sister has put the moves on his best friend he is all about turning his dream into reality, but Leah has a set of rules poor Jared has to learn how to break.

This you don't know what I know , come let's break the rules setup was unique and very fun to read. It had the perfect blend of spice, mystery, romance, passion and let's get a little crazy !

I enjoyed the romance that played out between Jarad and Leah the little bit of jealousy here and there, and something I totally adored was that the author gave each chapter a little title. These little titles let me get a nice hint at just what was about to pop up.

The characters were well written the romance well thought out the ending the perfect "Ah romance" kind that just let's you sit there letting out a big sigh and take a few minutes to come back to your world.

A nice afternoon romance escape read!

4.5 star review
" All's fair in the name of lust or is that love?" 

Fair Game  by R.C Matthews     4.5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by: Janie Evans

I really enjoyed this 2nd story from this author.  It is a continuation of her first book "Date Night."

In this story we see what happens between Jared, who is the older brother of Jordan, and Leah who is best friends with Jordan.  In the first book Jordan falls in love with Jared's best friend.  Jared has always loved Leah but out of respect for his sister has not pursued anything because he knew he wasn't supposed to fall for his sister's friend.  All bets are off when his sister falls in love with his best friend.

The pursuit isn't easy.  Leah has issues from her childhood that become entangled in her life.  Her Dad was a Doctor that worked all the time.  Leaving her and her Mom alone.  He wasn't there for hugs or to talk to.  It's not that he didn't care for Leah but work was important because he wanted to be able to provide whatever the family needed.  Because of this Leah swore that she would never date anyone that was a Doctor.  When she is forced to spend time with Jared Leah doesn't want anything serious to do with him.  Jared is studying to be a Doctor and that is #1 on her no can do list.

Jared doesn't give up easily.  He shows Leah that even though he is going into the medical field that he can still pay attention to her.  He tells her about a book that will help her deal with the emotions inside her, and slowly makes his way into her life.  It's great to see their relationship growing from distrust and worry to love.

You will thoroughly enjoy this 2nd book.   Looking forward to the 3rd story of this series.