Burned by Sarah Morgan

Burned (Miller Sisters, #2)

Reviewed by Desere

I still remember the first Cosmo Red Hot Read I read by Sarah Morgan called Ripped! It was all kinds of hilarious funny and extremely super hot.

So of course I jumped at the chance to read her second CRHR and oh my was it all kinds of awesomeness! The author once again gave that super sexy flair of passion meets reality meets humor all neatly wrapped with a big bow of amazing writing!

The story tells of Rosie and how her perfect zen balance is thrown for a serious loop when her former coach and lover Hunter Black becomes her new boss!

Talk about awkward!  I for one would feel so out of place and would lose more than just my zen. But Rosie decides she won't go all nutty with all the sexual energy crackling between them, she'll instead go a little slutty and take what she wants but this time it's play by her rules or no playing at all. Poor Hunter has no idea what he's in for.

I really loved the sexiness of this read, the super hot chemistry between Rosie and Hunter was off the charts, and had this certain sneak around kind of feel about it making it all the more sexier.

The characters were very well written and nicely developed for a short read. None of that "I am missing this part about the personality or What? Why? What did I miss?" I know from previous short reads by other authors that it so very often happens that all you have a super red hot sexy story but no substance into the characters and it all just seems too rushed, not the case in this read, nice work Sarah!

Aside from sexy heat, fantastic chemistry, well developed characters there was also the fact that this is a fantastic well written second chances read.

I totally loved the ending in this read, it was so sweet, so kind so melt my heart inspiring it took my breath away. But am of course not going to tell you, you will need to read it for yourself all I will say is " Happy Birthday Ninja!"

5/5 star review
"She's been burned once before but this time she won't go down in flames"