Bared for Me by Natalie Anderson

Bared for Me (Be for Me: Rocco)

Reviewed by Desere 

Danielle Hughes is facing a life altering decision and also one made in the spur of the moment when she walks out of her family home and sets out to make it on her own.

Thinking her bad ass defy everyone brother, Logan, will help her out she learns the hard way that Mr Big Bad Bro ain't prepared to help her one bit, instead he kicks her out of his apartment after one heck of an argument.

Being grown up  enough to know she can somehow make it on her own without her parents or ' I won't help you' brother she stalks off out into the night.

She does not count on her brother's best friend make my knees go weak Rocco St Clare being the one to come after. Danielle has from the first moment she laid eyes on Rocco been head over heals in love with the man, so much so that this virgin is now a spinster for life and no other man will ever get close to the fantasy of being in Rocco's arms. Only Rocco owes Danielle's brother for saving his life when he needed it the most, and every guy will tell you that you don't go sleeping with the guy's baby sister as a thank you.  But when Danielle and Rocco get trapped together for the night Danielle recons it's time to claim the man she wants so badly , all she has to do is get him naked and the rest will be red hot history.

I was head over heals in love with this read and the characters from the start. Danielle 's 'Maybe people will leave me alone if I act like a spoiled brat, yet I don't want to be that kind of girl, because I believe in making it on my own' personality was wonderful and very refreshing from the sometimes found too many times little rich girl wanting to only play type.

Rocco aside from being one of the sexiest men on paper EVER, was such a 'break my heart' character that I truly broke down in tears a number of times for this man and the hurt he bottles up inside. I loved, loved how the author slowly but surly let his past fade in and out of the book to ultimately give me the full look into his past.

From the character of Danielle I am taking away a message that you always need to remember to have courage to fight for what is yours, don't back down. If you've worked for it, you've earned it and letting it go will only make you feel worthless, stand your ground don't ever run away. From the character of Rocco am taking away that once we lose someone or something it does not mean it will happen again. Yes there is the risk but, without taking the risk you'll end up never knowing at all so why not go ahead and find out, you only live once.

I highly recommend this read for anyone and everyone that loves a super hot, sexy romance ! Natalie Anderson gave the read her signature sexier than sin heat levels blended with a super packing a heck of a punch emotion, that will definitely leave you begging for more.

5/5 star review
" To bare his soul, she'll need to bare her body"