An Heir to Bind them by Dani Collins

Reviewed by Desere 

Imagine working for a sinfully sexy boss that not only commands excellence but pretty much can command you to drop every single stitch of your clothing and all just with a smile.

Would you be able to concentrate on work and not think about what it would be like to be with him? Would you be able to not think of happy ever afters and instead remember that you are just the current flavor of secret sexual you please me I please you affairs?

This is pretty much the life of Jaya, she craves the touch of her boss Theo, and in one reckless night of surrender and escape on both their parts she not only get's every single touch she desires but also a heck of a lot more than she bargained for.

But because she had already made up her mind to quit and take off to France she has no idea of the consequences before much later. Only when Theo seeks her out to ask for her help in caring for his niece and nephew does she have to come clean and Theo is not only not prepared for it he is so floored that is perfectly crafted world crumbles into a heap of confusion, anger and hurt. Not to mention the man is mad as hell at her for daring to not let him in on the secret sooner, and he plans on making her pay!

The character of Jaya was really touching. I loved her fighting spirit and natural handle what ever comes personality. She knows she might be able to handle what ever life dishes up but she for darn sure won't go down without a fight. Just like the rest of us she also hits her points of frustration and anger but her inner beauty let's it all balance back to a sort of try to see the bright part in all this and find a staring point to sort it out.  This made her a really fascinating heroine that I fully enjoyed reading.

The character of Theo was a real bastard at the best of times! I wanted to at one stage hurl more than a flowerpot at his gorgeous head! But I could understand that being a man of power and dominating everything in life and then suddenly being thrown into a world of diapers, feeding time and play groups would pretty much send any man off balance. It was very entertaining to see him go from all round master in the office to having to learn how to master handling babies.  Him lashing out with hurtful words and actions showed just how hard it can be to learn to adapt to a new world when it was not what you expected to land in your lap in the first place or when you lose what you did not know you had.

I loved the rich and utterly gorgeous backdrops described by the author in exquisite detail, the dialogue was extremely emotional so much so that it not only brought me to tears it pretty much felt like my heart was ripped to shreds and I had to keep reading in order to have it healed again, which the author did with and amazing heartfelt ending that had me shouting "Yes, yes, yes !!!"

I am taking away a message of life throws you for a loop when you least expect it but it is not the time to go down in flames thinking " I am so not ready for this and am so not dealing with it". Yes you are entitled to ask for help no one is going to blame you but, don't ask for help and then still think it gives you the right to only let your rules count. Others have opinions too. And don't ever think your feelings don't count.

5/5 star review
"An heir binds them, but only love can heal their broken past"