Return of Dr. Irresistible by Amalie Berlin

Return of Dr. Irresistible

Reviewed by Desere

Amalie Berlin is back!! And this time she takes us behind the scenes of the circus. Yes you read it right I said circus. Now this might seem a little weird because as we all know she writes medical romances and the circus doesn't quite seem to fit.

But I can with all honestly tell you, she totally made it work! We have Jolie Bohannon who loves the world of traveling, the circus and is also the girl that Dr Yummier than chocolate Reece Keightly abandoned many years ago.

So naturally when she sees him again she has mixed emotions. Anger, rage, happiness, delight you name it all those girly emotions men point out to us all the time is a waste of time. Reece experiences a similar topsy turvy set of feelings but as all men are he prefers to not think about how off balance it makes him feel.

With Jolie pretty much still hating the man and him pretty much wanting to avoid her the atmosphere is a very dull one, that is until one hot passionate, scorching tryst set's a show into motion like no other you've ever seen.  If only Jolie can learn to trust him again, and if only Reece would stop protecting her, stop controlling life and start listening for once!

Wow what a read! It was full of stunning colorful characters that had me laughing, wishing I was part of their remarkable magic set up in the world of the circus and shedding tears for the pain they go through.

The character of Reece was a very likable one but only here and there, as he varies between being a nice guy and this tyrant type whom I wanted to give a good couple of whacks over the head ever now and then, and at one stage I even wished I could hang him from the top of a circus tent and teach him a lesson in being nice! But as we all know there is a always a reason behind everyone's actions and his first surprised me a little and then completely intrigued me. Through this character the author showed that not everything in life is meant to be controlled, there are somethings that we just need to learn to accept and just go with the flow every now and then, no one likes a control freak even if he's downright sexiness overload!

The character of Jolie was all kinds of awesome fun and crazy!  I adored this woman to bits! Fun, funky, fresh and totally outrageous enough to make even the most serious of the serious out there laugh their heads off in under a minute of being in her presence. I felt sad that she could not easily trust Reece again, but I could also understand the difficulty that lies within the task. Once someone has broken your trust it's just never easy to say "Okay what the heck I trust you again." There is always the risk that the person will simply just break your trust again and who needs a heartache all over again? Any woman will tell you that they most certainly don't need it one bit. The author ever so slowly let Jolie 's inner believe that there is good in everyone shine through and showed her as I think we are all meant to be, when someone breaks our trust it is best to not immediately trust them again, be cautions but also remember that everyone has the right to a second chance. Everyone is worth your time, in the end if they betray you again then at least you will have the knowledge that you gave then that second chance leap and did your part as a good person.

I am taking away a message of the past will always influence our future decisions. But when we allow it to overshadow rational thinking and our human nature instinct it's time to let the past go , life is trying to tell you that you've held on to it too long.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of the special medical romance books with lots of drama and heartfelt emotion. Amalie Berlin has proven she's one of the best medical authors of today and her stories will forever have a place on my reading shelf !

5/5 star review
" She's about to show him the crazy side of the circus and he'll become her love sick fool"