Beg for Me by Natalie Anderson

Beg for Me (Be for Me, #2)

Reviewed by Desere

We have all made mistakes, sometimes we are able to rectify them but most of the time there is no way out of it and saying sorry is all you can do and hope the person forgives you.  But what if the mistake can only be handled with you having to meet an outrageous proposal from the wronged party?

This is the case for Min Jones, with one click of a button she commits career suicide by mixing up her client's social media account with another. It would of course not be all that bad IF her client only had a few followers, but that is not the case.

So when Logan Hughes summons her for a face to face meeting, and informs her that his supposed engagement announcement will stand , she feels some form of relief, at least her career is not completely over.

But when he hits her with the news that she is to be his fiancee she is bowled over but decides to go with it in order to save her career but Logan will need to play by her rules. Only Logan is no dummy and challenges her right back with a little game of his own.  And so the battle of begging begins and it's an endless game of survival of the fittest.

I ADORED this book from start to finish. The characters were so realistic and vibrant they popped from the pages in a burst of color!

The character of badass always breaking the rules Logan that is simply so hot the man needs a warning label to warn off woman was all kinds of deliciousness. He thinks he can get Min to beg him to take her to bed by plying her with a few clever sexy touches and the second she breaks down and begs him it's game over. But Min is just as good as this game as Logan and the conflict that builds and builds in this read before it finally explodes was absolutely captivating.

I wanted to hit them both and yell go into a room and stay there till you have both begged all you can, but at the same time I wanted the back and forth play to continue because it was so entertaining to read.  The character of Min was truly awesome, I very much enjoyed her spunk and ' I am not going down without a fight " attitude.

Of course I cannot tell you who the first one is to break down and beg, it would ruin the whole book, but I will say this I was completely surprised when the one that breaks down is not the one I expected to break down, which just goes to show how brilliant the author is. She completely bowled me over and at first I was in shock and thinking " I did not see that coming" and then I was totally entranced with wanting to know more behind the character.

And the ending oh my it was so beautiful I felt my heart melt and tears of joy streamed down my cheeks. From both characters I am taking away valuable messages the first being that the fear of the unknown can pretty much take away any chance you have at getting what you want, if you don't try it you will never know what could have been. And wanting to win at everything you do by taking immediate action instead of planning ahead is not always the only way of making something happen, some things require planning and taking the time to learn all the details there is before taking action.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads that are scorching hot, sensual, sweet and emotional and so sexy it needs a sexy overload warning label ! Natalie Anderson has once again proved she is able to capture her readers hearts and let her characters set up permanent residence, because this is one couple you will never forget ! A remarkable story of a game for supremacy turning into a play for love and happiness.

5/5 star review
" Begging to be bedded is the name of the game, but what happens when the game ends?"