Long Hot Texas Summer by Carolyn Brown

Long, Hot Texas Summer

Reviewed by Desere

The ultimate of ultimate cowboy romance authors has done it again! This time Carolyn Brown tells us of the story of Loretta Sullivan Bailey.

She catches her husband kissing another woman in a barn and leaves the place of Lonesome Canyon Ranch as fast her boots can carry her, swearing to never return.  But she has no choice when her daughter threatens to drop out of college and become a rancher's wife.

Which mother let's her daughter make the same mistake she did? Definitely not this one, so naturally she heads back to the ranch in a heartbeat, the past be damned! All she has to do is focus on getting her daughter back in school and to ignore her feelings for her ex-husband, easy, right ?

Jackson Bailey is a real boot scooting, tight jean wearing tougher than tough cowboy and nothing scares him. That is until the moment his ex wife comes back. It's been seventeen years since their divorce and her coming back is so not what he had on his list of things to happen. There 's bound to be a lot of fighting and fussing to come but what neither one counts on is the blazing attraction that's still in the air. Can they turn away from the past and look towards the future or will it once again blow up in spectacular Texas style.

Like all previous Carolyn Brown reads this book was fun, spunky, sassy and romance at it's best! I adored all of the characters and the story of a second chance love was exquisitely crafted !

Both main characters we so much fun to read about, they both have their issues and of course the conflict was electrifying and such excellent entertainment I nearly died laughing.  And mad, I got so mad at them both at times I wished I could shove them into a stable, lock them in and tell them to just get over it , sort it out and and don't come before you have sorted it out.

I really liked the idea of both characters coming around to the same conclusion of the past failure was not just the fault of one person but both. So often the books go either the way of the hero saying sorry and it's his fault or the other way around, but very seldom of both characters being at fault and actually being able to admit it, really nice touch Carolyn!

The secondary characters were just as wonderful as the main ones, from the sassy and very determined Nona to the absolutely my new heroine of the year, housekeeper Rosie, she takes no lip from anyone and she makes darn sure things go her way, it was highly entertaining.

I am taking away a message of everyone wants a second chance at happiness , or to get back that one true love that someone slip through our fingers. We don't always get that chance but when life places us in the position or as in the case of Loretta guides us back to the past, it is not the time to start running.  It 's the time to re-think our actions and try to get over the past, for as long as we hold onto the past we will truly never be happy.

I highly recommend this read for anyone and everyone that enjoy a good old fashioned second chance romance read full of spunk, crazy humor, lots of entertainment and sweet and sexy heat, written by one of the most remarkable authors ever. A book so hot it beats even the hottest of hot Texas summers!

5/5 star review
" They generate more heat than the summer sun, the question is can they handle it? "