Matched to her rival by Kat Cantrell

Matched to Her Rival (Happily Ever After, Inc #3)

Reviewed by Desere

Elise Arundel refuses to let anyone mess with her company. She's good at matching people with their soul-mates and no one will take that away from her. So of course when Mr I always doubt Dax Wakefield challenges her, she takes the chance to bring him round to her way of thinking.

But when her full proof match making program matches her as Dax's soul mate, the situation is more than just a little uncomfortable. It's downright unprofessional to get involved with a client, only she craves Dax and he seems to share the attraction.

Only Elise is his enemy and bring down her company he shall, all he needs to do is resist the once ugly duckling turned swan. Naturally avoiding their mutual attraction is a "So not happening" situation and soon they are lost in a world of passion. But Elise is not ready to be someone's soul mate and Dax well he's not so sure about love really existing in the first place, after all how can a match program find the one you're meant to spend the rest of your life with?

This was the third installment in the Happy Ever After Inc, trilogy, and just like the previous two books it was stunning! I adored Elise when I was introduced to her in the previous book, and I could not wait for her story to see her find her very own happy ever after, because let's face it when your job is matching people to the love's of their lives and here you are still un-happy -ever-after life does start to get a little hopeless.

I was delighted to to discover that Elise's perfect match was a very unexpected one, I did not picture her with the brooding and very stubborn Dax. The man is the kind of hero you want to shove into a tiny room and play love songs and romantic movies over and over till he believes in love.  But how I adored him , when the author started showing him in a very interesting and very different light.

Elise was a bit of a shocker , as when I 'met' her in the previous book she was all full of life, go after love and always believe you have a soul mate, and then suddenly when her soul mate is right in front of her she wants to dig a whole and bury herself.  I expected her to go after it and make it happen, but through this the author showed not everyone is always as they seem. There is always something more hiding behind the smiles and 'am always happy' attitudes.

I am taking away a message of we can always tell everyone what do to, what to wear and how to think when it comes to certain things in life such as love. But when our own love comes walking through the door
it's not that easy. The trick would be to see if you can follow your own advise instead of only being able to dish it out.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of happy ever after reads. It was sweet and heartfelt with loads of spice and best of all a story that does a 360 degree bend of the normal meet, fall in love , happy ever after. It's Cinderella meets the Frog prince with a new twist or is that a new ball game?

5/5 star review

" She's always one step ahead of him, but he's right there to catch her when she falls"