Arranged By The Stars by Kamy Chetty

Arranged By the Stars

Reviewed by Desere

I have never been one to believe that the stars determine out destiny, but I have always thought of it as a rather nice saying. I will also say that when I received this book, and read the blurb I thought of the idea as rather interesting for a book, and it certainly did show the stars in a new light to me as reader.

The read tells of scandalized ex-beauty queen Ashwariya Kapoor , she is set to marry by arrangement. It comes down to a matter of honor and duty, what a slep right ! But it has been written in the stars and the wedding arrangements align up with the stars so it 's meant to be right ?

Billionaire Doctor Kieran Kanna does NOT fix people he works with software and software only, so of course his biggest fear comes true when his father is taken ill and he has to work with the one thing he so does not want to!  Add into the mix the very not so bright idea of him having to have a fiance to allow facing the woman he walked out on somewhat easier and what do you get? A fully blown Bollywood drama of epic proportions!

But as I said the alignment of the stars in this read has a lot more up their 'sprakly sleeves' than anyone thinks and soon Ash and Kieran start to feel the undeniable heat between them, but it goes against everything the cosmos have planned, the stars simply have to be wrong for Ash and Kieran are not meant to be. Is it possible for the stars to change their minds and set into plan a whole other destiny for these two characters?

I have read some other books by this author before and in all honesty none of ever really truly felt like she was reaching her full potential. The reads felt dragged out and as if the author was aiming high but not quite reaching the high.

Of course in the writing world it is all about taking the criticism and reconstructing it into something new to see if that 's what the readers are looking for.

With this read the author did a great job at doing just that! I felt more connected to the characters and their emotions. The plot made more sense than previous books by this author.

She aimed high again but this time got so much closer to that giving the reader a real high time feeling. Of course if you don't believe that the stars have anything to do with our destinies than this read might be a little too much for you to take in, but as I always say when picking up book one needs to keep any open mind and place yourself in the shoes of the characters and the message the author is trying to give.

This author has certainly taken the good and the bad and created a very good read with loads of drama and emotion. She is certainly building up to be a great author, keep going Kamy you are nearly there!

I am taking away a message of life does have it's plan for us, if you believe it to be God in working, the stars aligning in your favor or against you, no matter either way life is going to happen and what ever happens you will need to deal with it. But the trick is to be able to recognize when life is trying to show you the right way to go, don't fight the direction just go with the flow.

4 star review
"  The stars light the way to their future"