The Summer of Jake by Rachel Bailey

The Summer of Jake

Reviewed by Desere

Most people will tell you that falling in love is never part of the grand master plan of their lives. Most plan their careers, their vacations, the car they want to buy but planning on falling in love is just never as easy , nor is it what everyone plans on doing.

Yet it is exactly what Annalise does, she falls head over heals in love with, well the same guy she has been in love with since she was 15.

But there is a major twist to this little tale of romance. You see the object of her affection, Jake, has approached to ask for assistance in landing the girl of his dreams. Not the most comfortable of situations, yet Annalise is a kind hearted person and agrees to help him out, well that's the part she tells herself , and the fact that Jake will splash her designs in his famous shops and get her name out there has nothing to do with it.

Along the way she falls deeper and deeper in love with Jake and soon realizes she 's in too deep and has no way of getting out, because let's think about this for a second you find yourself madly in love with a guy who you are helping out to catch the another girl, not cool and as I said there ain't no easy way out of that one.

And yet Annalise finds herself wondering just what exactly Jake is thinking when he smiles at her or when he gets that dreamy look on his face. Could it be that just maybe Jake wants her instead? Jake does not do commitments , he is more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy so Annalise is pretty much sure she's misreading the signs, right ?

I loved this read so much I devoured it in just two hours! It starts out a little slow but builds up to a very nice romantic summer loving tempo. The entire brothers sister falls in love with his best friend element has been done countless of times before and for the most part those reads play out with the characters going from knew you since then now I think your hot and now you are in my bed . In this read it played out a little differently with the main characters taking a route of first changing and blossoming into proper adults before it gets to the bedroom antics.

I found this touch simply delightful and it somehow made the read feel softer and not has harsh as some other 'oh look am sleeping with your sister/brother' books. The book was as light and funny as it was deep and emotional.

Jake has to learn to grow up and be a man and less of a player, Annalise has to lean to stand on her own and let go of her family's influence. I am taking away a message of when you think something is just simply not part of your grand plan, don't for one second think that life will not happen. Life has all kinds of little twist and turns lurking in the shadows ready to emerge when we least expect it.

The trick of course is to not run away but to stand up and grab onto the chance to have a little something you thought you did not want, if you don't it might simply never come around again, and regret is always too late.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance it was a great summer romance escape read for sure!

4/5 star review
" Summer loving it happend so fast, or did it?"