Damaso Claims His Heir by Annie West

Reviewed by Desere

As Princesses go Marisa is to the outside world the typical had a bit of a rough start to life and went the route of using her charm to party up a storm. She only let's the public see what they want to see and hides her pain and insecurities. The latest scandal she finds herself trapped in forces her to take a trip to Brazil.

Once there she comes face to face with delicious, too sexy to be missed Damaso Pires. Damaso knows he should not get involved with Marisa, she's the scandalous Princess of Bengaria and around her you are sure to lose any good reputation you have. But he can't resist her and soon she's in his arms for a night of unbridled passion.

But their brief affair becomes a permanent arrangement when Marisa reveals she's pregnant. Damaso is not the type of man to walk away from his responsibilities, he has learned the outcome of such a grave error and he won't let his child slip from his grasp, there's only one way to ensure he has his child in his life and the woman he has fallen for in his bed every night , marriage! Only Marisa doesn't see things his way and is ready to take off running, to win the game Damaso will need to fight harder then ever before, this is the biggest deal of his life but will it worth it in the end?

I am total over the top mad fan of Annie West's books, she has this unique way of conjuring up so many various emotions of sadness, anger, hurt, pain happiness, joy all at the same time that it is sometimes yes a little overwhelming to try and figure out which one of the emotions I want to deal with first . But in this lies the magic of this author's writing. She sucks you in with a little bit of sexy fun, sends you spiraling into the emotional wreck of confusion, drags you over to the total heartbreaking sadness of life's events and then pushes you over the edge with a large dose of happiness.

In this her latest read she did so again, and the end result is a story that will remain with me for as long as I live. Damaso was the perfect hero, strong, determined and willing to fight for what he wants, I loved him more and more on each page. I felt saddend by his past but so very proud that he worked so hard to reach the top, where most people in his position would have simply given up and just tagged along with everyone else. Him working so hard to achieve his success really made him stand out from the crowd. I loved his passion for Marisa, I was completely addicted to the way he goes full steam ahead to ensure he has her and their child in his life. Most successful rich men of today would the the right thing by offering marriage and if the woman says no , he will simply walk away going " Hey I get brownie points for trying, right?"

Marisa was a very sad character, I wanted to give this woman a big hug and tell her to not give up, to fight back and not go down in history as never trying to even rectify the events that led to her to the road she has had to face all her life. Her finding the courage in the arms of Damaso was one of the most beautiful stories ever written. The author did a stunning job of showing how the love of the right person can guide us to find the strength to push forward to fight for what we believe in.

I am taking away a message of when dealt a set of cards in life, good or bad, there is never any point in not trying to make the best of it, go with the flow but don't go with the flow of everyone else simply to make them happy. Instead follow your own flow of life and find that certain something that drives you to fight for love and happiness. Following your own flow will lead to inner courage shining through and that's what will lead to people seeing the real you.

I highly recommend this truly beyond beautiful, truly romantic on each and every level romance has to offer, simply magical read for all fans of romance. A fantastic read about Scandal, passion, jealousy, love and the right to be happy.

5/5 star review
" The princess finds herself trapped in the scandal her 'prince'  is not letting her escape from" 


Reviewed by Nas

DAMASO CLAIMS HIS HEIR by author Annie West is a September 2014 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Super hot Brazilian billionaire Damaso Pires couldn’t keep his eyes and later his hands off the sexy scandalous Princess Marisa.

One hot passionate night together and he walks away as he couldn’t deal with the feelings the Princess evoked in him. Then a month later he accidently finds out that Marisa is pregnant. Could he let her walk away now? Is she really the scandalous Princess the media portrays her as?

DAMASO CLAIMS HIS HEIR is a fast-paced romance tale between a hot Brazilian hero and a fiery European Princess. The chemistry between Damaso and Marisa is off the charts and the sensuality just sizzles on the pages. Author Annie West has once again brought this fairy-tale royal romance which will hook all romance readers and keep them glued to the book till the last page.

4.5 out of 5 stars.