Captured by the Sheikh by Kate Hewitt

Reviewed by Desere

" I took your bride. I 'll take your throne. Because both are mine by right."

Those are the words spoken by Sheikh Khalil al Bakir, the banishment and shame has turned him into  man determined to reclaim the crown of Kadar from his rival. He starts by kidnapping his enemy's bride-to-be. She's a means to an end, so why he get's all inflamed at the thought of her in anyone else's bed but his own is a mystery he simply does not know how to solve, nor does have the time, he has a thrown to take over.

Queen Elena Karras of Thallia is prepared for a cold, mutually convenient marriage but instead she's carried off into the desert sand, where the virgin queen soon discovers an unexpected desire for her sinfully delicious captor, and leaves her craving for more and she get's it but when the game ends will Khalil walk away and leave her broken hearted or will he see himself through her eyes?

This was a truly beautiful read of how two people learn to fight the battles of life together. I loved the fiery passion that Khalil has, but sadly his passion for the throne is overshadowed with the thoughts of revenge and of course this made him the type of hero you can only have luke warm feelings for, but it is only for a certain period on the book , because as all fans of Harlequin Presents books know, there is always something or someone that will turn the person around.

And that person was Elena, beautiful, smart and always seeing the side of a person they attempt to hide from the world. I loved Elena to bits! The author took me on a truly remarkable journey of how one man finds himself willing to fight for what he believes is his, and the one woman who let's him finally see the truth shine out from the revenge-darkness that his mind has become.

I am taking away a message of life has it's way of guiding us on the wrong path, but it's in order to find the right one. The trick of course is to not miss the right turnoff to take whilst on that wrong path, because the road up ahead might not bring along another turnoff to the road where the your calling is waiting for you.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of a excellent, deeply emotional Sheikh romance. Kate Hewitt is simply one of the most remarkable author 's of all time and with each book her writing just get's better and better!

5/5 star review
" To win the game all he has to do is see himself through her eyes" 

I love dramatic and exciting beginnings and with an opening such as "Something's Wrong" I was
captured - just like Elena!  Queen of Thallia! Expecting to meet her fiancee, Elena is instead
whisked away by Sheikh Khalil al Bakir, not before a dramatic attempt at escape which ends with
both rolling around on the desert runway.

Khalil intends to hold Elena captive for four days - long enough to stop her from marrying her fiancee
which will also stop Elena's fiancee being crowned ruling Sheikh. Khalil believes heart and soul he
is the rightful ruler and kidnapping Elena is part of his plan to become the ruling Sheikh. Khalil
doesnt realise Elena has her reasons for marrying Aziz, and desperate to remain queen of her people
Elena attempts to be rescued.  It's impossible though and although she's young, Elena has a wise
head on her shoulders.  Proving to Elena Khalil is not some barbaric warlord is a mission in
itself.  It also surprises Elena, she's been kidnapped and held in the neverending desert but has
all the comforts of home.  During their time together the last thing Khalil expects is to have
feelings for Elena... he doesnt have the time or inclination to trust, the last 25 years have been
leading him up to the day he retains the crown, the day is almost here but being in confined
living space in the beautiful desert Elena and Khalil grow closer and closer with Elena questioning

Khalil was one of the best Sheikhs I'd read.  He was dark and dangerous, strong and fearless,
dashingly sexy, full of pride and very passionate about his people and his reasons for being
ruling Sheikh.  Although raised American, he's at home in the desert and had grown into a
respected leader of his mothers people.  Elena brings out a charming and witty side of himself
and Khalil is worried about these feelings he's developing.

Elena was every inch the queen, a young queen but with a wise head.  She thought before she acted,
she showed grace of a queen and the tenacity of a warrior.  Her plan was always to escape
but she tried to plan well given she was in the desert and death was around every corner. Expecting
barbaric treatment Elena was surprised when she was treated as a queen and with respect.  Elena is at
odds with her heart when she realises Khalil is almost the first friend she has ever had in her
sheltered life.  Her giving heart and compassionate soul recognises Khalil as a man of pride.

Elena and Khalil hadfantastic conversations which I well enjoyed. They were witty and throughly
enjoyable.  I loved their banter and their serious moments and their indepth discussions on war.

Captured by the Sheikh is an exceptionally exciting and gripping story.  Khalil's race to the crown had me on the
edge of my seat. I had breathless moments, for example, when Elena looking up to find Khalil pointing a gun at her and
shooting... My heart litterally stopped while I turned the page!  Beautiful writing with magical
descriptive words flowed from the pen of Kate Hewitt.  Khalil and Elena's back-stories were told with
heart and compassion.  The emotions evoked were heartfelt and I didnt want to reach the end. Kate
masterfully played with Khalil and Elena, attraction was early on in the peace but she made them
wait in such a way that as a reader you almost held your breath wondering if this was it? Is this
the moment they stop wondering what if...

I find it hard to elaborate on certain things because it will give the story away, but since I've
had the book, I have read it twice and it will be read many times in the future.
A Kate Hewitt masterpiece!  I can not wait for Aziz's story, I'm very interested in reading his
point of view and discovering why he does what he does in Khalil's story.


Reviewed by Nas

CAPTURED BY THE SHEIKH by author Kate Hewitt is a Harlequin Presents release for September 2014.

Sheikh Khalil al Bakir was determined to get back his rightful place as the king of Kadar. He plotted and kidnapped Elena Karas, Queen of Thallia, who was the bride-to-be of his enemy. But Elena brought out feelings in Khalil and they forged a friendship which soon turned to passion as the chemistry between them sizzled.

Could Elena now marry her groom-to-be and go into a staid passionless marriage? After all she was prepared for the marriage of convenience but she was a different person now. Could she go back to the person she was before the kidnapping? And was Khalil ready to make her his Queen?

CAPTURED BY THE SHEIKH is a sizzling tale of unexpected passions. I loved the action packed, fast-paced story with all the shimmering emotions. Author Kate Hewitt will once again hook her readers with her mesmerizing story telling. I’m looking forward to the jilted grooms story now in COMMANDED BY THE SHEIKH.

Recommended for all lovers of romance.