A Princess By Christmas by Jennifer Faye

Reviewed by Nas
A PRINCESS BY CHRISTMAS by author Jennifer Faye is a Harlequin Romance release for October 2014.

Reese Harding struggled to keep her family Inn operating. She had creditors at her back and workers she couldn’t let go as they depended on her. And her mother depended on her after the betrayal and subsequent death of her father.

Prince Alexandro Castanovo arrived incognito at Reese’s Inn. But she had no reservation or room available for him due to an admin error. She had to give up her own room for him. Alex is entranced by this sweet but feisty dynamo of a woman who kept everything operating smoothly. Could he forget duty to his family and live a normal life for once with Reese? What would happen when she finds out his secret?

A PRINCESS BY CHRISTMAS is a lovely romance between a prince and an ordinary girl. Author Jennifer Faye’s latest offering would touch every girl’s heart and make her swoon at Alex. And readers would be glued to the pages to read what ultimately happens to Reese’s love affair with her prince.

Highly recommended to all lovers of romance.