200 Harley Street: The Soldier Prince by Kate Hardy

Reviewed by Nas
THE SOLDIER PRINCE by author Kate Hardy is June 2014 release by Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance series.

Prince Marco, injured on duty lands in hospital under the care of physical therapist Becca Anderson. But he can’t be just the patient as they had already shared a night of passion before. Marco decided to start again what he’d left unfinished before. Could he persuade Bella to be his royal bride?

Then Bella’s past spilled over in the papers and she knew she was not fit to be a royal bride but what would Marco do now?

THE SOLDIER PRINCE is a lovely royal romance between a prince and how an ordinary girl, fought adversity and raised above all the hardships in her life. Author Kate Hardy brought this inspiring and emotionally uplifting story and it’s a treat to read.

Highly recommended to all readers of romance.

*********************************************************************************Reviewed by Desere 

Life as a soldier for Marco is as tough as it get's , he has to protect his unit and being a Prince certainly does not make it easy. But with luck the press keeps him and his unit out of the spotlight. Then it all goes wrong when the unit is ambushed and Marco sustains an injury to his hand.

He is flown back to London for treatment, upon arriving he discovers his physical therapist is none other than Becca Anderson, the woman he shared  a magical, forbidden summer with long ago.

Becca is more than shaken by the royal surprise not only does she know Marco as " Seb" but she also never knew him to be a prince! Becca and Marco are clearly meant to be together or fate would not have brought him back to her, but Becca has secrets and they are certainly not the kind the Royal family will want splashed all over the tabloids.And therefore she has to resist his charm no matter what.  But resisting her heroic soldier prince will be much harder than she thinks.

This was a really nice, feel good romance read. I loved Marco, never mind the fact that he is a Prince, it was his entire attitude that had me hanging onto his every word. Charming, sophisticated and a true hero in every sense of the word. I loved his fight till the very end spirit, it made him a serious sexy soldier!

And Becca, ah poor Becca my heart broke for her when the secrets are revealed and the press literally called her every single bad name in the book of disgrace. But even though she felt down, heartbroken and in need of some serious tender loving care, she still held her head high and tried to take it all in the best way she knew how.

The ending of this read is what really got to me, it was one of those " Ah could not be more perfect ending" kinds and I for the third time during this read found myself reaching for the Kleenex.

I am taking away a message of life has a way of knocking us down, us being able to pull ourselves back up and think that it will be the end of it. But of course no past ever goes away until it is well and truly faced up to.

So instead of sitting around waiting for your past to come back and knock you down, face up to it with every ounce of the necessary come backs and then walk away with your head held high, after doing this you will never be worried about the past showing up when you definitely don't need it to.

I recommend this read for all fans of romances that love sexy soldiers, charming princes, feisty secretive heroines and a journey of love shining brighter than the brightest diamond.

4.5 star review
" He fights the battles of war and wins, but can he fight the ultimate battle of happiness?"