Tequila Dirty by Mickey J. Corrigan

Tequila Dirty (The Hard Stuff #3)

Reviewed by Desere

Bad things have happened yet again, in Dusky Beach. Rita Deltone is a tough talking waitress from Florida and unfortuntely she finds herself trapped smack down the middle of the entire bad mess. She knows how she got there but getting around to talking her way out of it is a bit of long road ahead.

Liam Donell is the hot new detective in town, with his partner out of town it comes down to him handling all the dirty work. This includes getting Rita to talk, but he has one little problem, he finds Rita quite too cute and starts thinking with his body rather than his brain, thus ends up making not the best kind of decisions one would expect hot shot detectives to make.

His decisions lead to some pretty ugly but also hilarious consequences, but will they also lead to death and destruction ?

This author is known for writing totally over the top reads, the first time I read one of her books I was a little shocked, it was simply just not what I was use to, but I the more I read her books the more I discover the that the magic in her writing lies within her ability to create characters that really do exist in everyday life.

And the situations the characters find themselves in are pretty much the stuff that really happens in real life, yet we just never hear about it all, simply because it is either just too tragic or too embarrassing for those involved.

And for this very reason I adore discovering what this author dreams up, I know am guaranteed to find a little humor, be so surprised that I literally fall from my reading chair and at the same time I get that special  " this is the way life really happens" feeling.

I am delighted to say that this time around the author outdid herself, she gave me all of the above but on a higher level that I found very satisfying as in some of her previous reads I was able to take away some of what I was looking for but still did not quite hit the full package spot.

I laughed so hard during this read, and bonus it only took me forty minutes to complete, it's short but powerful with loads of action and fun crazy out there moments.

I recommend this read for anyone looking for something new , I encourage you to try it even if it sounds like it simply will not be for you. Trust me within these pages lies a great, fun and awesome read!

4.5 star review
" They get down and dirty but what happens when the Tequila runs dry?" 


Reviewed by Nas

TEQUILA DIRTY by author Mickey J. Corrigan is a September 2014 release by The Wild Rose Press.
Tequila Dirty is Book #3 of ‘The Hard Stuff’ series.

Rita Deltone plays detective Liam Donell and gets away with it. Then they meet again. Now Liam is determined to confront Rita about the robbery and the murder. Was Rita guilty? Or was she the innocent bystander as she claimed?
TEQUILA DIRTY is a fast paced fun story. Author Mickey J. Corrigan weaves the tale very beautifully and keeps the reader enthralled from the first page to the last.