The Doctor Who Made Her Love Again by Susan Carlisle

Reviewed by Nas
THE DOCTOR WHO MADE HER LOVE AGAIN by author Susan Carlisle is a September 2014 release by Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance series.

Nurse China Davies had a dysfunctional childhood and she kept hiding behind a cheerful façade, so when adrenaline junkie and fun loving doctor, Payton Jenkins arrived in the sleepy town, she was not pleased with his show-off ways.

But surely there was more to this Payton than what met the eye? Why was he keen to experience all the extreme adventures? Could China teach him to stop and smell the roses along the way? And would Payton be able to bring her from behind her façade and face the reality?

THE DOCTOR WHO MADE HER LOVE AGAIN is about how a cancer survivor looks at his life. It will keep the reader on the edge trying to get to the happy ever after with China and Payton. Readers would be inspired by reading how Payton and China faced and then overcame their hardships in life.

Highly recommended to all readers of medical romance.

Reviewed by Desere

Everyone knows that we all love to be in control of our own lives, but when we lose that control the world seems out of balance and we fight to get that control back no matter what.

But what if we think we need the control back and then suddenly the control doesn't look all that great?

This what the heroine, China Davis is facing , she is really happy, her family is a big old mess but still she is as happy as can be, because she is in control of her own life and that's what is most important.

But then hotshot Doc Payton Jenkins arrives on the scene and her control is seriously tested, she wants to hold onto control but the more she tries the more she loses her grip. And Payton,  well he escaped death once and he is determined to life each day to the fullest and China Davis is on his radar and indulging in the pleasures she hides is his number one priority, but he has to get her to let go of that blasting control first and he knows just the way to do it.

I fell in love with this author's books not long ago and let me tell you, she knows how to take any reader on an emotional ride of romance, sadness and passion. I adored the way the author took me into the mind of how a survivor deals with the aftermath, the worry, the tension of will it happen again, the " this is the time I need to get up and get out and live my life " element was beautifully portrayed.

Of course this being a medical romance read , I bawled my eyes out, especially for Payton, the poor man certainly had found his new zest for life but after so much heartache it will tear at any reader's heartstrings and make you want get up and go out and find adventure even if you have never come close to death ever before.

China was a really neat character , I laughed so hard at her attempt to keep control , and I saw myself through her, I love being in control but even I know there comes a time in life where being in control is simply not possible and you need to loosen the strings just a little in order to gain a step in the right direction. Reading about how the author let's China fall from her little always in control pedestal was really entertaining.

I am taking away a message of life is short and when you have the chance to live, grab hold of it with both hands , always seek adventure because tomorrow might never come. And most importantly never try to control everything in life, if you do you will never experience the joy of being in wonder and awe, and things that can simply materialize out of nowhere, let go and see what happens!

I recommend this read for all fans of medical romance reads, it's a stunning story of a second chance in life and that special magic of falling in love and letting the unexpected guide you to the road of happiness.

5/5 star review
" He lives life like there's no tomorrow, she wants to control tomorrow, can he get her to let go?"