To Defy A Sheikh by Maisey Yates

Reviewed by Nas
TO DEFY A SHEIKH by author Maisey Yates is a November 2014 release by Harlequin Presents.
Sheikh Ferran Bashar, ruler of Khadra, fought back when he found an assassin in his room. She came to kill him but he overpowered her and had her in captivity. Then he found out she was none other than Sheikha Samarah Al-Azem of Jahar, a neighbouring sheikhdom. He offered her a place in the dungeon for the assassination attempt or to marry him and be his sheikha.
Samarah had burnt with revenge all her life and had trained to kill just so she could get her revenge on Ferran. Would she take his ultimatum and marry him to kill him? Could Ferran trust her now not to kill him any chance she got?
TO DEFY A SHEIKH is a fast, thrilling story. I loved the tension and the drama, the intrigue and the suspense in this story. Author Maisey Yates realistically brought to life a hero who denies himself passion and love just so he could keep in control. And a heroine who wanted revenge above all else, yet finding out the whole truth changed her.
All readers of romance would love this story.