The Magnate's Manifesto by Jennifer Hayward

The Magnate's Manifesto
Reviewed by TashNz

Wowsers! 24 hours after finishing The Magnate's Manifesto I'm still thinking about it.  That is reason number one why I give this 5 stars!

Jared intends his Manifesto about women and their place in life to be a joke among his closest friends but it's been leaked to the press and gone viral.  It couldn't happen at a worse time!  Trying to negotiate a contract that will make his company set for life the last thing he needs is his Manifesto alienating the female portion of the population!  Bending to his legal teams recommendation he makes Bailey St John his Chief Marketing Officer.  Bailey, with her resignation in hand, is surprised she's been handpicked but she's no fool and knows it's to help Jared become better looking in the eyes of the conservative corporate they're going up against.  Together they jet off to pitch for the most important contract of their lives.

I was hooked within the first chapter! It's written differently, the style I should say differs from the normal Harlequin Presents / Mills and Boon Sexy lines.  I don't know how to explain it better, but if it has a name, it definitely captured my interest.  It flowed beautifully and packed full of deliciousness.  I recall checking how much I had to go, hoping it wasn't going to be over soon and I was only up to 50%.

The characters are another reason this gets 5 stars.  Bailey St John has worked her way up from a rung below the lowest rung that normal people start out on.  She's busted her ass and finally getting within reach of making her dreams become a reality.  She's a strong heroine. Doesn't stand for any nonsense and I love her portrayal, her back story, her dreams, her desires and her drive!

Jared! Well where do we start?  His whole character is another reason  give 5 stars! He is the reason I was still thinking about this book 24 hours later and the reason why even though I accidentally deleted my first review (sob) I still remember exactly what I said about him!  Jared is <i>the</i> hottest jerk I have ever had the pleasure of reading about.  I mean that with all best intentions.  I honestly didn't know whether to love or hate the guy.  He got right under my skin but he was so freakin awesome in the way he saw right through Bailey's walls and when he believed in her and how he may be a jerk sometimes but there's reasons why and how he has the brains enough to see and admit what an amazing talent Bailey is.  I think if you're still thinking of a character 24 hours later and having a serious internal debate with yourself - 5 stars is a must because I think it's a sign of amazing writing.

The locations were just out of this world, and described in such a way I was right there, wishing I was right there!  The story as mentioned earlier flowed perfectly and I was thoroughly captured... even to sneak in a few pages on Christmas Day!!!

I'd recommend this book to anyone who genuinely loves this line of books. To anyone who loves a complex hero and one that can really get under your skin with a million different opinions forming of him and anyone who loves a kick ass heroine.

Thank you Jennifer Hayward for writing an amazing read!


Review by Alexia

"The Magnate's Manifesto" by Jennifer Hayward gives us a romantic story in a modern world.

Bailey St. John came from a world of a beautician Mother, alcoholic father, and poor background. Her father kicked her out of the house at the age of 17. She moved to Las Vegas and put herself through college in order to better her life. 

Jared Stone is Bailey's boss. His manifesto about women became public knowledge and his company had to do damage control. This is when Jared offered Bailey the job of CMO. He had no qualms about voicing his opinion that she wasn't ready for the job, but kept it from Bailey. The only problem is that they both had their own idea's of what would work for the company.

As they got to know each other past secrets come out. You'll find out what Bailey had to do in order to survive. You'll also find out what makes Jared so jaded with his views on women. This is a solid 5 out of 5 stars. If you're like me you'll root for Jared and Bailey.


Reviewed by Desere

Imagine writing up your manifesto on woman as a private joke between you and your buddies, then walking into the office the next morning to learn that your little joke has landed on the front page of every newspaper, social media site and is the top news story of the day.

It's called the international incident of the decade and worse,  woman everywhere want to bury you under copious amounts of sand in the Nevada desert.

This is exactly what happens to Mr All Night Long Jared Stone, and to fix the mess he has to promote Bailey St James to VP, something he is not ready to do and of course there's the little fact that he does not believe Bailey is quite ready to handle such a position, after all he believes woman should be in the bedroom not the boardroom.

None the less he has to save his company and Bailey is the ticket, but when he offers Bailey the position of VP this spitfire of a gal fires back at him by not only demanding the position to be that of CMO and not VP but also pushes him to listen to her ideas.

As they travel to France to pull off the deal of the century, save the company and trace the one responsible for leaking the manifesto it very soon becomes clear to both that their attraction to each other is not going away. The question is, what will they do about it? And what will happen when Bailey's past comes walking through the door threatening to ruin the entire deal unless he has Bailey in his bed?

I have been a huge fan of this author's books since her debut The Divorce Party landed in my hands, I love the fiery passion , the utterly gorgeous romance and incredibly fascinating plots she conjures up, and because all her books have been five stars and very memorable reads, I did not really think she could come up with anything better because according to me she was already at the top of her game.

I was wrong, so very wrong. The Magnate's Manifesto is her best book yet! The passion and intrigue as from her previous books was again there, but with a really fantastic twist to the plot that I did not see coming!

And that is what made this book so engaging and so much fun to read. Just when I thought I had it figured out and the direction was set in my mind, the author threw me back with twits and turns I have not found in other Harlequin Presents books, and I absolutely loved every single minute of it.

From the character of Jared and his hilarious manifesto to the moment his world comes crashing down when Bailey teaches him there's more to woman that burning up the bed-sheets to the very fun and spunky Bailey learning there's more to life then work, I loved it all.

The character of Jared was a really nice guy, well nice enough for a moron who's opinion on woman obviously needs a major overhaul. I liked how the author let him fall from the high pedestal he created for himself , it was like reading about a king falling from grace, and I might add too funny! And my oh my did I adore his sweet and supportive nature to bits! For some you might be thinking he sounds a little too sweet and only let's the real him shine through when he's typing up manifesto's that are never meant to be seen, and in actual fact is a real jerk. You would be wrong, the author crafted the perfect sweet as can be whilst still having that fire and come make my day I'll blow you away personality, it was brilliant.

The character of Bailey was a totally awesome heroine, strong and independent does what needs to be done to get the job done and pushes to better herself with what she has to her disposal. Of course I don't want to ruin the read so I cannot tell you what exactly Bailey did do to get to the top of her game, but I will say that it takes guts, a heck of a lot of guts that most woman simply will not have. I really admired Bailey and she's a heroine all woman can look up to.

The read is full of delicious tension, fabulous passion, full of life humor, remarkable characters and a very compelling plot. And best of all the author has once again pulled an extremely important life lesson from it all.

You are only as good as you let yourself be, because if you let your past hold you back and make your future decisions based on the past there really is no way you will ever reach the top. You will to the outside world look as if  you have reached that high note, but in the darkness you will simply just still be you a lonely girl trapped in a life she never wanted or a boy simply wishing he was someone else. Fight and claw your way to the top but never let the past come back to knock you down, what's known to the world today will only make you look better tomorrow simply because you did not let it pull you under.

I highly recommend this read, it's fire and ice meets passion and lace! Boardroom, bedroom no matter the room these two are about to burn down the house, and it's electrifying explosions all round! Simply utter perfection!

5/5 star review
"She knocks him from his throne, he pushes her to the top"

Reviewed by Nas
THE MAGNATE’S MANIFESTO by author Jennifer Hayward is December 2014 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Bailey St. John hits the roof when she finds her boss Jared Stone had written a manifesto about women so outrageous that she didn’t even want to be connected to his company anymore. But it was his personal email which was leaked to the media and ignited women’s rights people all over the world. Would Bailey agree to help him salvage the damage?

Working together with Jared, Bailey realizes that his brain is razor-sharp but his feelings on women and commitment leaves a lot to be desired. Could she agree to a passionate fling with him as the chemistry and passion between them off the charts.

What would happen when Jared finds out Bailey’s deep dark secret? Would he still want her?

THE MAGNATE’S MANIFESTO is a super fast-paced thrilling story. We keep wondering how Jared would react to Bailey’s secret, yet he astounds us by his sensitivity. The author Jennifer Hayward has a way with words which brings her readers to the edge of the seat while reading her books and keeps them hooked to the story till the last page.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.