Hot Rebel by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot Rebel (Hostile Operations Team #6)

Reviewed by Desere

Just when I thought this author could not possibly make this series any better she goes and writes a book like this. It was simply outstanding from start to finish.

This time the author took me into the mind of Nick " Brandy" Branson or as our heroine likes to call him " Preacher Boy". But there is nothing saintly about Nick, nope this guy is hot with a capital H. And he's also ticked off with Victoria Royal.

She's a traitor to her country and as far as Nick is concerned she should have stayed away after disappearing all those years ago, instead she 's landed right in the middle of his Hostile Operations Team mission in the middle of the desert and royally messed it all up, by killing the wrong guy.

As ticked off as Nick is he also knows Victoria is hiding information that is vital to bring the failed mission back off the ground, it's suck it up and handle his out of control attraction to her or let the bad guy get away. But can Victoria and her killer curves really be trusted, has she been sent to take down the HOT members one by one , of is she really has innocent as she says she is?

The previous books in this series were all five star reads, and I loved them all and as I said I really did not expect the author to make book six any better then the others, oh I knew without a doubt that the book would be incredible but I was not prepared for just how incredible it would be.

I was transported back to the desert, the gun fire, the threats and death of a country enslaved in war, and along with it back to the ultimate of saviors from the HOT squad. The action levels were more action packed then the previous books, yes even better than the previous five, somehow the author pulled off an unbelievable display of action of the very highest levels, unlike any I have ever come across. I am talking serious Die Hard stuff!

And the drama and intrigue , oh my the drama and intrigue was so, so, so freaking awesome !! Loads of delicious sizzling tension and sex scenes so hot I thought the pages were sure to catch alight any minute, of course it did not but this is one of those books that have you squirming in your seat grabbing the fan and suddenly thinking did I just feel him kissing me? Yep that intense and that good!

The characters of Nick and Victoria were simply put FLOPPING AWESOME! I adored Nick from the start, I loved him for his honestly and integrity, and hey let's be honest the man is a heck of a sniper so that a definite added bonus to the package, and let us not forget the little fact that the guy is all kinds of serious off the charts hot.

Victoria was totally kick ass, a woman that's a sniper is not something I get to read about every day so it really was spectacular and yes my female pride kicked in when I learned she's a better shot than Nick, so cool. I thought it was the sweetest thing to give up her life to rescue someone who one would think clearly did not want to be rescued after everything she has done, and being bad ass and all shy is always a fun combination to read about.

I highly recommend this read for each and every single reading fan out there, there's drama, action, intrigue, passion, hot sex, romance, secrets and so much more. You name it and you'll find it in this book, keep going Lynn we want more!

5/5 star review
" This rebel 's heart betrays his logical thinking and it might just cost him his life"