From Fling to Forever by Avril Tremayne

From Fling to Forever

Reviewed by Desere

I have always been a huge fan of flings that lead to forever, so of course this title had me from the start.

I am use to reading this author's HQ Kiss line books and those I must tell you are simply brilliant, full of life and vibrant energy.

As far as HQ Medicals go it is a very small list of selected few authors that have made it onto my auto-reading list. After reading From Fling to Forever this author has ticked all the boxes required to make my HQM list.

In this read fate conspires repeatedly to throw together kindhearted nurse Ella Reynolds and the very delicious sexy documentary filmmaker Aaron James, and it's not long before this very unlikely couple give in to their super hot chemistry.

Both have their hearts locked firmly away but who cares it's only a fling so no harm , just some hot and sexy fun, right?

This read was both quick and fun, even with the entire sadness of the dreadful disease Malaria rearing it's ugly head, the romance and sizzle between the main characters kept it light enough to not let me feel as if I was missing the escape into romance feeling I craved.

From the author's previous books I have learned that her characters are usually these wild and out of place kind that shock you on every page, a fact I simply adore, am happy to say she has done the same this time. Each time I was surprised at the actions , and yes I yelled out more than once for them to both just get it together, simply riveting reading !

I am taking away a message of how our past can lead to us losing out on the chance of a lifetime, as they say regret always comes too late. Of course we all have regrets, but in life there is always a second chance, the trick is to act upon that second chance instead of walking away with yet another regret, because let's face it a third chance doesn't come along. Act now, live life.

I recommend this read for all fans looking for a fun and sexy afternoon read with a touch of reality and great emotion.

4.5 star review
" Opening the door to the future, is easy if you can leave the past outside"