The Million-Dollar Qestionn by Kimberly Lang

Reviewed by Desere

Evan Lawford has come a long way from being the no good frat boy he use to be. He pours all his energy into building his company, and dealing with the occasional break-up's.

The one thing that has remained the same is his feelings for pretty ballerina Olivia Madison.

Years ago, the took her to heaven and then sent her to hell, when he broke her heart by letting her think she was just another hot one night stand. Now Olivia is back and she 's even more tempting then she use to be, and just like the first time he's not able to resist her, the difference this time?

He's not so sure he can let her go again, if only her family was not in the way, again. Olivia knows she should not fall for Evan's charm again, after the first time it hurt bad enough, but one look and he sends her heart into a spin more fancy than any she 's attempted on stage. But what will he do when he discovers the real reason she has for making contact with him after so many years ?

This was a super fun and funky read, a great storyline with a nice even flow of events. I adored the character of Olivia. I really enjoyed her push till you reach the top attitude, it gave the read that really cool upbeat feeling.

Evan was such a heartbreaking character it tore at my heartstrings and I could not wait for the author to step in and rescue this sweetheart of a man, and when she did the man himself was even more sweet than before!

Fabulous setting descriptions, gorgeous romance with a stunning message of love can overcome it all, if you are brave enough to step out onto the stage of love and risk your heart.

I recommend this read for all Kimberly Lang fans, it was fun, sweet, sassy and funky with just the prefect dose of emotion to make it a great afternoon escape into romance.

4.5 star review
" She's always had his heart, but will her ambition tear it apart?"