Red Hot Christmas by Carmen Falcone & Michele deWinton

Reviewed by Nas
RED HOT CHRISTMAS is a November 2014 release by authors Carmen Falcone and Michele de Winton.

This is a two book set containing:
Christmas Scandal by Carmen Falcone
Christmas Secrets by Michele de Winton

This review is for CHRISTMAS SCANDAL by Carmen Falcone.

Paramedic Sydney Bell is wary of police and all government authorities so when a dying man passes a message to Sydney and her partner Patty, she is not too happy to give the message to the cops. So she decided to go to Argentinean investor Alejandro Soto’s office to pass the message to him. Then she receives the news that her partner Patty is dead. She doesn’t believe this death is by natural causes and when she is attacked in her own home, she is sure someone is after her.

But could it be Alejandro? Because he was the only one she had told about the dying man’s message. And how could he track her so fast and be at her door? When Alejandro whisks her away to spend Christmas with his family in Argentina, she discovers red-hot passion triggering all sorts of attraction between them. Dare she give in to this chemistry? Would her hot Argentinean lover still want her when he learns her secrets?

And what will happen when she learns who actually was behind the attacks? Will this Christmas scandal leave them unscathed or will it forever separate them?

CHRISTMAS SCANDAL is a fast-paced intriguing story. Author Carmen Falcone’s latest offering would touch every girl’s heart and make her root for Sydney. And readers would be glued to the pages to read what ultimately happens to Sydney and Alejandro’s love affair and who was responsible for the deaths.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

Review of CHRISTMAS SECRETS by Michele de Winton 

Gabby Phillips has secrets and she has to keep it at all costs from the new owner of her department store, the tall, dark and dangerous, Nicolas Morganti, the man she ran out on.

Yet, once again Nicolas thinks she is the culprit because he doesn't trust her. Would he ever change his mind about her when he finds the truth? And what will happen when he discovers her secret?

CHRISTMAS SECRETS is an enthralling story. I loved the emotional intensity in this author Michele de Winton's writing. This was a new to me author but I will surely be checking all her books now.

Review by TashNz 
*5 Stars*

Action-packed romance adventure. Loved it!

Paramedic Sydney Bell is thrown into the middle of chaos when she tries to assist a dying man, 60 year old Frank Lewis, suffering a gunshot wound. As he lays on the side of the street he whispers “Tell Alejandro Soto… there is… I’m… sorry… I put him at risk… My… fault… I tried to…” CARK!!

Sydney tracks down Alejandro and relays the message and in the meantime receives a call to say her paramedic partner Patty has been killed.

Well it’s all on. They mystery of Frank, of Patty, of Alejandro is enough to make Sydney’s head spin, add in her attraction of Alejandro and Sydney is ready to combust.

Christmas Scandal is set around Christmas time and it’s another element added to a story full of layers already. I laughed, I cried, I laughed again. Sydney is the best female character. She is feisty, funny and just someone you’d love to have as a friend. Alejandro – be still my fan – wow! He’s assertive, hot, South American god! The back stories were well written and the story flowed.

From to Chicago to Buenos Aires I was glued to my kindle! This is written in true fun and hot Carmen Falcone style and I absolutely loved it! Thank you for the honor of receiving and ARC for my honest opinion.

-Red Hot Christmas is Book II in one Book. Book I is Christmas Secrets by the incredible Michele de Winton, review up soon.


Review by Alexia

"Red Hot Christmas" is a two book set containing: 1) 'Christmas Scandal' by Carmen Falcone and 2) 'Christmas Secrets' by Michele de Winton. 

The first review is for Carmen Falcone's book 'Christmas Scandal.' Sydney Bell is a paramedic and asks for help from Alejandro Soto when a dying man passes along information to her and her partner Patty. Then she receives the news that her partner Patty is dead. Feeling that someone is after her because of this information she knows, and Sydney doesn't trust the police. 

And what will happen when she learns who actually was behind the attacks? Can Alejandro somehow be behind it? What will happen when he learns her secrets? Is Passion enough to trust? "Christmas Scandal" is a fast paced read. It's a mix of mystery and romance that will leave you wanting to read on and find out what happens. Will a love be enough to last between Sydney and Alejandro or will who is responsible for the deaths tear them apart.

Second review is by Michele de Winton 'Christmas Secrets.' Gabby Phillips is keeping a secret from the new owner of her department store. Nicolas Morganti, is the new owner and the man she left because of those secrets. Nicolas doesn't trust Gabby and secrets hide the truth from coming out.

Michele de Winton is a new author for me, and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It's a mix of romance and mystery that is also a quick read.

I was asked to read and review for Carmen Falcone and I absolutely love her writing. Michele de Winton will also be on my list of books from authors that I like to read.