From Enemy's Daughter to Expectant Bride by Olivia Gates

From Enemy's Daughter to Expectant Bride

Reviewed by Desere

Rafael Salazar is back in Rio to seek revenge, he will destroy the man who stole his childhood. Then by a twist of fate he spies a beauty across the ballroom and passion overwhelms him.  Then comes the shock of discovering who she is, but even this is not enough to veer him off course, he will make her his.

Eliana Ferreira has never met a man quite like Rafael, he's powerful, unstoppable and simply irresistible. She knows there is a deep dark force that drives him and she should steer clear but she cannot deny him anything, that is until she discovers his terrible purpose. But it's too late, she's expecting his baby and is only days away from becoming his bride, will revenge tear them apart?

This was a romance read in true Oliva Gates style. Pure raw passion and overwhelming intensity.
The characters were strong, realistic and really shone from the pages. I really love how this author always takes characters to new heights.

It's as if she literally pulls them from the streets , sits them down , and starts writing around their personal stories, simply remarkable.

The character of Rafael was the magic in this book, this man is grabbed onto my heart and he still has not let go. I loved him for trying so hard to fight back against the cards life had dealt him, but even more for trying to prevent it happening to anyone else, he was like a dark prince among a glittering world of crime.

Eliana was a nice and slow character, but not too slow that she came off boring, she had the right balance of fire and ice , which of course made her super fun to read.

I am taking away a message of revenge can seem like the ultimate plan of attack, but nothing is always as it seems. Before you act , retrack and rethink it could be the difference between losing it all and gaining a lifetime of happiness.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance that love a remarkable set of characters, a fantastic enjoyable plot and a fabulous ending !

5/5 star review

" The devil meets an angel and all hatered fades away"