The Russian's Acquisition by Dani Collins

The Russian's Acquisition

Reviewed by Desere



Subject: Contractual Offer

You will find $100 000 in your charity's account today, provided I find you in my bed tonight. 

Those are the shocking words Clair has to face up to, when the notorious Aleksy Dmitriev enters her life. Alesky is after the ultimate revenge, yet his plan backfires spectacularly when he discovers Clair is a virgin and cannot possibly have been her former employer's lover.

But not all is lost, he is the one and the only Alesky Dmitriev of course and he will not go down that easy.

Revenge is out the window but he will still enjoy the perks of his purchase, only spitfire Clair is destined to be more than just this Russian's acquisition! Let the games begin!

This read is by far the best Dani Collins book ever! The characters were simply perfect from start to finish. Intense, raw, passionate and so realistic it felt as if they were coming alive with each word and action the author played out , I really felt that wow connection with them both and it blew me away!

The character of Alesky was the perfect mix of dark and tortured becomes sweet and kind I adored it. The character of Clair was strong and feisty really stuck it to the hero and I mean really, really stuck it to him.

It was fun, intense and simply remarkable. The one and only complaint I have about this read , was that it ended. I wanted the passion and iintensityof this relationship to continue long after I read the last line.

I am taking away a message of everyone has someone they are willing to die for, the trick is to be able to recognize when such a person enters your life, if you don't then the loss will be more devastating then death itself.

I recommend this read for all fans of romance reads. And if you are not a fan of romance this is the read that will hook you , and suddenly have you believing in love, forever.

5/5 star review
" He takes her to heaven then sends her crashing to hell, will it be too late to bring her back again?"