From Ex to Eternity by Kat Cantrell

Reviewed by Desere
From Ex to Eternity (Newlywed Games #1)

Next to cheating I think being jilted at the altar is one of the worse things anyone can do to another who obviously loves them enough to want to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

But as with most romance upsets there is a little something this one did or said or even just thought that led to then running from the altar instead of to it. This is the case in the new read from master story teller Kat Cantrell.

So let me set the scene for you, it's been two years since Cara was left at the altar , heartbroken and understandably very ashamed. She's not ready to meet Keith Mitchell again after the embarrassment and heartache he caused her, and she is definitely not ready to work with him either.

Keith feels terrible about leaving Cara at the altar, but to be fair a misunderstanding sent him running. But now that he knows the truth he wants Cara back in his bed. The only question that is to be asked, will Cara use their passion to gain ultimate revenge? Or will their be a happy ever after in their future?

This was an utterly gorgeous read, from start to finish, everything just flowed like a crystal clear stream. The read was not one of those Desire reads that has so many things that has to happen that it literally frustrates me to the point where I want to rather go see the dentist than read the book. There was none of the first this and than that happens and then oh let's not forget this has to happen first too before this part of the story can actually happen , and all the while you are sitting there thinking 'I know this already because it's as clear as day so why not just get on with it!"

I loved both characters and I adored the manner the author let their journey of love be like re-discovering a beautiful mystery. Through both characters the author gave the clear message that revenge is really a dish served cold, because being cold and unfeeling towards those that you think harmed you will always somehow blow up in your face and leave you feeling cold, alone and like you cannot find the way back to happiness. And as they say assumptions are the mother of all screw-up-s. Don't assume, run that final check before you let your shoes run faster than you can say I do!

I highly recommend this read for all fans of reuniting romances reads. It was fun and witty, passionate and emotional. Well done Kat you have once again shown just why you deserve the master of desire story telling title in my book!

5/5 star review
" It's her job to wow the crowd, it's his job to prove he really means I do"