Her Boss by day by Joss Wood

Reviewed by Desere 

The incredible shining talent of Joss Wood is back, and it's more remarkable than ever!

In this book one to the Sydney's Most Eligible Series we meet talking to herself in the mirror to try and find the courage to get out of a date Willa Moore-Fisher.

Yep, sounds a little like she's crazy but I know for a fact there are many woman that talk to themselves in the mirror, it's weird but a great way to find that little inner goddess we all wish was with us 24/7.

Now when Willa is not talking to herself in the mirror she is focused on proving herself. She has an honours degree, she's got loads of talent and when International tycoon Rob Hanson needs a new accountant it's just the bit of luck that Willa needs.  Except there is one little problem, she knows her boss already and not the " I've met you before, how have you been?" kind of know, nope she knows him intimately! Talk about awkward!

Rob doesn't do long term, his step father's mission of destruction of his family pretty much made sure of it. Willa however is just what he needs, she's got a head for numbers and a body for sin, she'll crunch his business numbers by day and crunch him at night. But once he has her in his arms he starts to wonder if he shouldn't make her a permanent fixture in his life, but what about that little word called divorce?

I loved the characters in this book, from page one both Rob and Willa were shouting out" I am in your face and there's nothing you can do about it!" I loved every single minute of it. Fun, a little crazy, passionate, sensual and addictive are only some of the words I can think of and yet none of those seem to do this book justice, definitely one of the best books I've read all year.

Best of all was the ending, I so did not see it coming, I had a complete different scenario playing out in my head, and usually it feels like I have been let down when books end in not quite the manner I wanted it to, but this time around I was actually very pleasantly happy about it.

Through the remarkable characters of Rob and Willa the author showed how everyone sometimes needs a change in order to find what they are made of, it's a hard and long battle to get to the end results but with a little change the picture becomes crystal clear and the way forward is paved with everything dreams are made of.  So stop the pushing and chill awhile.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads that have a high dosage of sexiness, fantastic emotion and a stunning somewhat laid back meets intense romance journey. Joss Wood has once again shown she is an author that will go down in romance history as being able to give readers a juicy story packed with lots of zest for life energy and one of the hottest fictional couples of all time.

5/5 star review
" He's the boss by day, but at night the tables are turned"