It Happened in Vegas by Amy Ruttan

It Happened In Vegas by Amy Ruttan
Harlequin Medical Romance

March 2015 release

Reviewed by Helen

5 out of 5 stars

This is such a wonderful story about two damaged people Jennifer Mills who is a doctor and rebellious daughter of a senator and Nick Rousseau who is just going of to Afghanistan also a doctor who one night share a very sensual few kisses and don't see each other for 3 years but never forget that night. Jennifer likes to keep out of the spotlight and when she is jilted at the alter she leaves Boston and takes on a new job as Trauma surgeon at a Las Vegas hospital but one of the first people she meets is Dr Nick Rousseau the man she has never forgotten she may not have known his name but she never forgot him or those kisses. But Nick is quiet and keeps to himself these days since he returned from  Afghanistan with such guilt over an injury to his brother but there is such a spark between Jennifer and Nick neither can ignore it for long and when they decide to see where their relationship goes you will be smiling as they journey to a beautiful HEA in such a lovely setting I felt like I was at Lake Tahoe with them. I loved they way they could make each other laugh and smile and how they overcome their pasts and opened up to each other a wonderful story that is sensual and very heart-warming and I highly recommend it don't miss this one.

This is an awesome read

Reviewed by Desere

Keeping out of the spotlight is never easy for any celebrity. It's and endless street of diving into odd little shops when you see anyone pull out a camera and dressing down to try and hide out. In this read from Amy Ruttan we meet senator's daughter Dr. Jennifer Mills, and for her it is just as hard to keep out of the spotlight as it is for Julia Roberts!  Especially after being jilted at the altar by her ex-fiance, guaranteed that's a front page head liner that no one will ever forget.

So when arriving in Las Vegas, she's just hoping to blend in. Ha ha ha, everyone and anyone knows that 's never how it works in the city of flashing lights and big time spenders. She meets ER surgeon Nick Rousseau, the same man she spent an unforgettable night with three years earlier.

Now returned from Afghanistan, ex army medic Nick is struggling to come to terms with his time on the front-line. Rekindling his romance with Jennifer reminds him that some things in life are still worth fighting for.

This was a truly stunning story about two damaged people finding new hope after life has shown them the type of things that are sure to break even the strongest of hero's and heroines in the world.  The story was easy to read with a nice even flow and the nice little add on of a little twist here and there that sent the read from even flow to " Wow, did that just really happen?".

The character of Jennifer was pretty much as damaged are heroine's can be, the tough life of trying to stay out of the spotlight and trying to get over the hurt and embarrassment of being jilted at the altar. But being damaged as much as other heroines are in these kind of reads did not make her ordinary or boring, in fact she was a breath of fresh air, fun and little too flirty for someone that has to stay out of the spotlight so that her senator father does not end up with more egg on his face then his plate.

Nick was the tortured hero that I simply just wanted to hug and tell that everything will be okay as long as he does not give up. The author has once before shown her remarkable talent for showing the true hell and torture those that face war zones have to learn to live with. And oh my gosh he was sexy as hell! I could literately eat this man up! His back and forth battle with his troubled and clearly tortured soul shattered my heart and I cried my eyes out for this hero.

I am taking away a message of life knocks you down, sometimes so hard that the ability to get back up seems like a lost cause. But is it really the end of the line? Just as life shows you the cruel hard stuff it will also show you how to get back up, all you need to do is be open to the light that filters through and never ever think staying in the dark and blocking out the sunshine is what you deserve.

5/5 star review
" She needs rescuing but what will happen when her hero is the one that needs the rescuing? Is she up for the challenge? " 

Reviewed by Nas

IT HAPPENED IN VEGAS by author Amy Ruttan is a March 2015 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Dr. Jennifer Mills liked to keep away from limelight and any publicity. As a daughter of senator, she had her share of bad experiences with paparazzi. Starting new job as head of Trauma unit in a Las Vegas hospital she comes across ER surgeon Nick Rousseau, whom she had met years earlier and shared a kiss with him one night. 

But that was before Nick had gone off for his tour of duty. And before Jennifer was jilted at the alter by her fiancĂ© who also stole her research. 

Coming face-to-face once again with Nick, reminds Jennifer of her carefree days. Could she be that girl again? What about Nick? What secrets were he hiding now? He was known as the lone wolf now. Could there be a middle ground for this two tortured souls to move ahead with?

Read IT HAPPENED IN VEGAS to find out how Jennifer and Nick reach their happy ever after. It is a very fast-paced romance amid the medical drama. Intense emotion and heart-racing drama. 

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.