His Perfect Bride by Louisa Heaton

Reviewed by Nas

HIS PERFECT BRIDE by author Louisa Heaton is a Harlequin Medical Romance series release for April 2015.

On the way to work on her first day Dr Lula Chance discovers an abandoned baby on her door. I was hooked from that moment on, wanting to know who the baby was and why she was abandoned on Lula’s doorstep.

Her colleague at the new practice, Dr Oliver was gorgeous but oh, so straitlaced. It was fun seeing him unravel by feisty and unconventional Lula, who had coloured her hair in the colours of rainbow. And had pet rats and a tarantula, but Oliver had a list for the perfect woman. Could Lula ever be perfect for him?

But Lula was in the new town to look for her mother, would she stay on after she finds her?

Read HIS PERFECT BRIDE to find out what happens when Lula finds the answers she’s seeking. And what happens to Oliver’s list. Author Louisa Heaton did the abandoned baby conflict well and I had tears at the end when the whole town rejoiced at Mabel’s birth. I loved reading this medical romance. It kept me hooked to the story to find out what happens next.

Recommended for all readers of medical romance.

His Perfect Bride

Louisa Heaton

Reviewed by Helen

This is such a heart-warming and beautiful story set in a small village in England Dr Oliver James Ollie as he is known to everyone and his Doctor father Patrick have hired a locum so as Patrick can retire and in walks Dr Lula Chance with multi coloured hair and is just so different from anything that Ollie had expected she is like a beautiful pixie she has pet rats and also a pet tarantula that she is using to help overcome a fear but there is a lot more to this quirky woman and Ollie is determined to find out even though she is nothing like the wife that he thinks he needs according to his list yes Ollie has a list after a breakup with a former girlfriend a list with the things that Ollie needs in a wife to a small country GP. Lula is on a mission in this village trying to find her mother whom abandoned her at birth on a beach after doing some research Lula is sure her mother lives in this small part of England Atlee Wold but after having a childhood of sickness and foster homes until she is adopted Lula travels a lot and is always challenging herself never thinking that she can settle down and marry.

This is a story that will intrigue you and also have you very eager to find out who Lula's mother is and also smiling as everyone in the village falls for Lula in some way she is like a breath of fresh air vibrant and unconventional but is she really Ollie's perfect bride after all. I did love this story I loved the setting and the characters that were so real in this village and I smiled and had tears of joy in my eyes and I so loved the ending and the epilogue. This is a story that I highly recommend it really is lovely.

5 out of 5 Stars for this awesome read I loved it.


Reviewed by Desere

Love and surprises are found in all kinds of shapes and of course in the most unexpected of places. Much like everyone else in life GP Oliver James knows exactly what his " perfect bride" should be like - and vibrant, unconventional new locum Lula Chance is the total opposite of the image in his mind. But if there is one thing I have learned in life , it's that those little images of perfection we create in our minds are never what we expected them to be when they finally do emerge.

And for the most part it of course has always left me thinking " Boy I did not see that coming !" and also " Really, that's what this picture is suppose to look like?"

So course that is pretty much what Oliver ends up thinking when Lula and all her long list of imperfections she has that so does not fit in with his list , she intrigues him and there seems to not be a thing he can do about it, well except maybe go with the flow.

The heartbreak in Lula's eyes are the clinger in this romance, it's what captures Oliver's attention and bounds him to her in such a tightly wrapped bubble of romance there really is no way he can get out of it.

But Lula is determined not to be distracted by brooding Oliver, no matter how gorgeous he is or how caring he might seem to be. She's arrived in Atlee Wold hoping to find her mother and Oliver will for darn sure be the distraction from her quest that she cannot afford.  But us romance fans know that giving in to the inevitable is only a matter of time and it's then that the sparks for these two characters really start to light up the night sky. And who knows, just maybe Lula can fit into that perfect little image of perfect bride for Oliver, after-all.

This read was one of those that simply shine from start to finish. It had the perfect heroine that 's quirky, different in all the ways real heroines in life are, that for the most part are sometimes completely lost in romance reads. You know the type I am talking about, the " Really, that's what she just did, which normal person does that?"  As for Oliver , I wanted to grab the nearest bedpan and hit the man over the head. Dreaming up an image of the perfect bride is just about one of the dumbest things in life anyone can do, but I totally enjoyed seeing him get knocked down by Lula and her definitely non-perfect-bride attitude. She puts him in his place and it was totally off the hook awesome!

A truly wonderful, captivating read with a beautiful message of life not always being exactly the way we want it to be and of course that all things in life even our perfect images of love and success does not always quite look the way we dreamed them to be, but they are always for darn sure ten times better!

5/5 star review
" He sees her, she sees him. But will they see the real person inside ?"