Midwife's Baby Bump by Susanne Hampton

Reviewed by Nas

MIDWIFE’S BABY BUMP by author Susanne Hampton is Harlequin Medical Romance series release for May 2015.

After one passionate night midwife Flick ends up pregnant but would Surgeon Tristan Hamilton take kindly to the fact that he is going to be a dad?

What would happen when Flick finds out just why Tristan didn’t want to be a dad? Why he hesitated when he heard she was pregnant? Would she ever forgive him for keeping this explosive secret?

Read MIDWIFE’S BABY BUMP to find out just why Tristan didn’t want a family despite loving Flick with all he was capable of. Author Susanne Hampton did justice to this story and I was hooked as a reader till the last page. The medical drama in this story would keep your attention and hopefully enhance your knowledge. At the time of posting this review Midwife's Baby Bump is Number 1 on Medical Romance series on Amazon list so readers definitely agree with me!

Recommended for all readers of medical romance.

Reviewed by Helen
This a beautiful story about two people who have backgrounds that want them to have totally different lives for them in their futures student midwife Felicia Lawrence or Flick as she is known to her family and friends has grown up never knowing who her father was she has a half sister she loves very much and they have a mother who has flitted from one man to the next so when Flick finds Mr Right she wants the whole deal picket fence kids and lots of love she is a beautiful caring person. Tristian Hamilton is a neonatal cardiothoracic surgeon at The Victoria Hospital in Melbourne (the same hospital that Flick works at)and for Tristian because of his life growing up and his health issues and spending so much time in hospital which was why he chose his profession he does not want children in case he passes on the health problems he had. But Tristan is also such a caring person and when Flick and Tristan meet and hit it off so well then spend lots of time together at a ball they share one night of passion and although Tristan wants more than anything to stay he cannot and Flick is very disappointed and then even more so when she finds out she is pregnant. This is a story that will have you grabbing for the tissues and also smiling as two wonderful people open up to each other and fall in love you will be turning the pages on this one and not wanting to put it down. I highly recommend this one.

5/5 stars for this great story :)