Bridesmaid with Attitude by Christy McKellen

Reviewed by Desere

The first time I read a book by this author ( back then not a Mills and Boon book ) I sat back at the end and I was like " Wow , just wow" because at the time all I read were Mills and Boon's and this was one of my very first non-mills-and-boon books, and the wow part was that I was speechless because I could not believe that there were other author's out there capable of writing this well and it not being published by my favorite publisher. Pretty darn dumb I know but since then I have learned, trust me I have learned , never only look for that pretty little rose image. Since then my favorite publisher has seen the light  and this author has proved over and over again just why she belongs in the world of M&B.

Now this time the author introduced me to Emily Applegate , she's the head bridesmaid and she's furious! Lord Berkeley cancels her best friend's wedding venue and Emily is naturally everything but impressed.

But gorgeous Theo is adamant that the wedding won't happen at his estate, that is unless Emily makes a trade. But willingly playing the Earl's fake fiancee, yeah she's not so sure about that. Especially when there's absolutely nothing fake about the out of control off the charts sizzle between them!

A stunningly crafted romance of epic proportions, yes that's what this book was. A fun and feisty heroine that's pretty much cornered and a stubborn hero that's uses each and every single drop of his power to get what he wants , perfect setup for romance with a kick don't you agree?

I loved the power-play between these two characters, so very in your face, oh no you don't , don't you bloody damn well dare, okay fine you win ! Theo as I said was stubborn , and I do mean stubborn, I wanted to stick him in a seller and let him rot at one stage , but only for a little while. I adored the author letting him hide in plain sight so to speak, it really reminded me just how much we can be out and about in the world yet hidden from everyone.

Now as heroine Emily was a really fun one to read, I really enjoyed her spunk, pushing Theo to a certain degree but not really pushing as hard as I knew she could, of course this meant she had a little something in the back of her mind causing the prevention, and oh my gosh when the author let that one come to light I literally jumped off the bed , shouted out " Really? What the heck?!" But through these actions the author showed how there is always a little part of us that needs a push from the other side to send us on the right path.

Passionate, awesome fun and crazy dialogue, emotionally packed and simply filled with elegant romance! Highly recommended !

5/5 star review
" Who ever said being a bridesmaid doesn't involve a little kissing of a very sexy behind!"