The Victor by Nicole Flockton

Reviewed by Desere 

The Victor - A Prequel Novella (The Freemasons - #1)

Ava Vaughan steps back into a world of glitz, glam and secrecy, a world where she knows she never belonged. But it's necessary if she wants to get her estranged husband to agree to a divorce. After living apart for the last six months the time has come to cut all ties and really start her life over. But she does not expect Cole to say No! Nor does she expect him to kiss her senseless and pretty much knock her off kilter all over again, just like old times.

Cole is no where near ready to let his beloved wife walk away, he devises a plan to keep her around for just a little while, in the office, in the kitchen , in his bed and of course in his life, once he is ready to really let go, she can have her divorce but not before he's darn well and ready!

Ava agrees to live with Cole again and work at his firm as the planner of a major event, once the event it done and dusted she can get back to her life and of course she will have the divorce. But as time passes old feelings rise to the surface, feelings of heartache and loss, of unbearable pain and despair, and feelings of the overwhelming never ending desire they both feel.  But as much as Ava has and still loves Cole he never has nor will he ever love her, so why stick around?

Two hours was all it took to read this fabulous little read, yes two hours is all it took for me to fall hopelessly in love with these two lost souls that were so badly in need of guidance. And guide them the author did ,with spectacular fashion!

The character of Cole is of course every romance reader's worse nightmare, a real ass, arrogant, demanding and always issuing orders to get his way, but let's be honest gals that's what us lovers of romance wants. We want a hero that will be pushed into a corner till they spill it all ! And spill he did, not the secrets about Freemasonry of course but definitely everything I wanted him to!  Btw Nicole the entire secrecy of Freemasonry , SUPER SEXY!

The character of Ava was lost, and I mean really lost as in drowning in a sea of denial, sorrow and all I wanted to do was hug her, and tell her to get her ducks in a row, but as the read went on I was able to really understand why she's so lost and not willing to get anything in a row and rather head for the easier route of divorce.

This being the prequel to the Freemasons series it was short but so very powerful. Fast paced, loaded with emotion and left quite the impact on me. A stunning read about two people who were never meant to be apart, slipping back into their comfort zone with the barriers from the past only half way in place and then the power of love knocking down each and every single one of those barriers. Passionate, heartfelt, remarkable and compelling are just some of the words that come to mind, the book is a whole lot more and simply one that is not to be missed.

I am literally already going out of my mind crazy waiting for book two of this series and I only read this one a few hours ago! Nicole Flockton get your butt into gear and bring on the next one!

5/5 star review
" He'll have her again and again and then let her go, but that's not what The Victor is really about"