Italian Surgeon To The Stars by Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by TashNz

Italian Surgeon to the Stars
by Melanie Milburne
A wonderfully crafted story filled with love and humor, all the while still managing to also approach serious subject matter with dignity.

Jem is the sister to Bertie who has her story A Date With Her Valentine Doc (A Valentine to Remember Book 1). Written in exactly the same format I have to say I give this delightful story a 5 star! It's not the normal format for Melanie Milburne's books, so that's your first treat. The second treat is the humour and the refreshing way of writing that Melanie uses in these two books.

Jem is floored when Alessandro arrives at the private girls school she teaches at to enrol his neice. What neice? He never said he had any family when they had their (two hands up people) "relationship"... 5 years ago feels like yesterday and from Chapter One Melanie captured me and had me laughing and sighing and fast page turning... absolutely loved it!

Alessandro enlists Jem's help with his niece who has a speech impediment and decides at the same time decides to face what he and Jem once had.  With all the complications going on in her life and facing the past it's all a bit too hard for Jem to go back and open up old wounds.  Her parents are crazy different and her sister is all loved up and her job at the prestigious girls school take up all her time but Alessandro doesnt give up and together they open each others closets and shake those skeletons out.

I dont know how to describe the format of writing (because I'm no littary expert lol) except to say it's so refreshing, fresh, funny, bright and humerous so when the serious stuff does come up it's a bit of a shock but quite well handled I think.  I've read a few deep and meaningfuls lately so reading this beautiful story was like waking up to a crisp spring morning after a night of thunderstorms.

I love and adore Melanie Milburne's stories and I think it's truly talented to write in different styles and still be a winning combination of keeping me entertained and well engrossed in a story.  

ARC received for honest opinion - thank you Melanie for giving me the opportunity to share my opinion <3

5 stars

Book 1 here

Reviewed by Nas
 ITALIAN SURGEON TO THE STARS by author Melanie Milburne is a Harlequin Medical Romance series release for June 2015.

Dr Alessandro Lucioni had a fling with Jemima Clark five years ago. Now he is standing in front of her to enroll his niece at Jem’s school. Could she forget her past and think of him just as a guardian? After all he is a big name heart specialist now. Would he even remember Jem and their fling?

Jem had never forgotten or forgiven Alessandro. Could she let him take on from where he had left off five years ago? But the chemistry between them still sparked and the attraction still thrived. Could he show Jem that he is a changed man now? Would she believe him? Could she?

ITALIAN SURGEON TO THE STARS is a romance filled with medical drama. A reader would stay hooked to the story till the last page. Author Melanie Milburne brought a strong heroine in Jem who readers would root for and a gorgeous sensitive hero in Alessandro who would capture a readers’ heart.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

Reviewed by Helen
This is such a great story one that will have you laughing out loud and smiling throughout as Jem and Alessandro re kindle a love that was short but strong five years before in Paris. Jem has led a very different life with her hippy parents travelling around England from one guru to another and has always longed for a normal life for her herself and her sister Bertie, but she has done well and is a teacher in a girls private school in Bath and loves her job and when she thinks she has gotten over her affair with Alessandro he arrives at her school with his 6 year old niece and the spark that shoots between them is just as strong as it was 5 years before it is like a piece of string has been shot to link them and although he will not commit to forever he does want a fling with Jem you see he has never gotten over the beautiful fun loving girl he met in Paris years ago she makes him laugh and she makes him feel but his life is not his own at the moment way too many commitments with his job as a top surgeon and his sister and niece and demons from his childhood.

This story is in first person and is so good we met Jem previously in her sister Bertie's story (A Date With Her Valentine Doc) and I always wanted Jem's story and here it is the feelings she has for her parents will have you laughing out loud as with the help of Alessandro's niece Claudia she comes to the realization that her life wasn't that bad and she also opens up with a secret that she has kept for many years and the relief this gives her will have you smiling as well and Alessandro also opened up about his past which he had kept to himself all those years ago in Paris. This is such an awesome story I loved the way that Jem made Alessandro understand that he could have a very sensual and wonderful life together really this is a story not to be missed it is beautifully written and will pull you in from page one it is sensual fun and it is going to stay with me for a long time I highly recommend this one you will laugh and smile.

5/5 Stars for an awesome story one that you should not miss

Reviewed by Desere

Five years ago Dr Alessandro Lucioni had a fling with Jemima Clark.  But their paths parted and all that is left is the magic from that time.

But now he is standing infront of her to enroll his niece in her school, and suddenly all the magic from Paris comes flooding back.  But those aren't the only memories that invade their space, it's the heartache and drama from five years ago that knocks them from their very neatly crafted lives.

Jem knows she has to remain strong and literally fight the feelings that threaten to overwhelm her, as for Alessandro he has to come to terms to face what he left behind when he let Jem go. ( I will add that it was truly heartbreaking to run through this character's emotions with him, it broke my heart into a million pieces and all I wanted to do was find a way to fix my own heart , thanks to the author it was fully repaired once Alessandro sees the light !)

But as we all know when the pressure of a high class job pops up in life it's never as easy as saying " Okay I let go of this all for the one I love". And that is exactly what it is like for our sexy Doc.  The story is told in first person and I am honest when saying I usually do not like that at all. It just somehow always feels wrong, but Melanie Milburne made it work. I loved being placed front and center and deep in the heart of all the drama from the characters pov's.

And the ending , just wow, it was intense, heartwarming and left me with a very big grin on my face.
A stunning story of secrets finally setting the characters free, a love being rekindled and life just simply working out perfectly !

Highly recommended
5/5 star review

" He heals the stars , but healing himself is the one thing that seems to elude him till there was her"