Her Greek Doctor's Proposal by Robin Gianna

Reviewed by Nas

HER GREEK DOCTOR’S PROPOSAL by author Robin Gianna is a Harlequin Medical Romance series release for June 2015.

Laurel Evans was on an archaeological dig in Greece to fulfil her dead parents dream of finding the elusive statue which her parents believed was hidden in this dig where they lost their lives. She is alarmed when her team leaders then some team members stared being sick. What was this sickness? Was it linked to their dig? Then local Dr. Andros Drakoulias urged her to close the dig because of health risks associated with it. Would Andros agree when Laurel lets everyone go but stay behind to look for the statue on her own?

He was in love with her but would he stand in her way or let her go? Did she find the statue she was looking for?

HER GREEK DOCTOR’S PROPOSAL is a romance set in the exotic Delphi. I loved reading about author Robin Gianna’s strong heroine and gorgeous Greek doctor. The medical drama is fast and would keep a reader’s attention hooked till the last page.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

Reviewed by Helen

  do love stories set in Greece with Greek heroes and this one is fantastic Dr Andros Drakoulias has pretty much led the life of a playboy although he had studied hard and become a Doctor in The States but all that changes when he gets a phone call to let him know that he is a father to a toddler stunned he moves back home to the small town of Kastorini determined to be a good father and change his ways but then he meets archaeologist Laurel Evans on a dig site at Delphi she is a beautiful woman who has grown up fast taking over as parent to her three sisters when she loses her parents in an accident at a dig and doing her best to live up to her parents wishes for her in the archaeological world with finding an treasure that will put her parents names and hers in the history books and she wants no distractions that is until she meets the sexy Greek Doctor.

This is such a beautiful story that is fast paced with Andros and Laurel setting things alight with the sparks at their first meeting on the mountain at the dig site when he arrives to let Laurel know that the team leaders are sick this then starts a journey that will have you smiling as they get closer while opening up to each other and trying to get to the bottom of the illness that is causing concerns both Andros and Laurel have agendas that neither want to change but the pull is so strong and neither can ignore it.

The setting is beautiful the characters are real and lovable this is a story that will have you turning the pages while you get to know them all and smile and worry with them along the way. This is one not to be missed I highly recommend it.
5/5 Stars for this fantastic story