Country by Danielle Steele

Reviewed by Desere

The reads tells of Stephanie Adams, as any good mother will do she hides her unhappy marriage from her family in order to spare her children from seeing their family spit. But it's not easy being the devoted mother,life is hard and unkind.

But then life offers an escape, her husband suddenly passes away and it's her chance to alter her life for the better. The better life comes in the form of country music megastar Chase Taylor.

He shows her passion, teaches her there is more to life then just being a mother and ultimately Stephanie sees her life becoming what she has always wanted it to me. But can her family find it in their hearts to let her go and allow her to really live her life for the first time in forever?

CountryThis was one of the prettiest DS reads ever! It had depth, emotion, passion and a story so beautiful it brought me to tears. But sadly the book did also have it's annoying features such as this happens , then that happens then this person does that and this one does this , which is all normal in any read but not if keeps getting repeated over and over.  Non the less the plot was interesting enough to keep me interested and therefore I kept going and in the end I can honestly say this was one of DS's better reads.

As I said definitely the prettiest because it was so nice , sometimes too nice, but when I say nice I mean nice where it certainly had to be, but on some scenes the niceness was a little too much and it felt a little overdone.

Now let's forget about the over sugar coated and nasty repeating business and let me tell you what made this book worth the read., simply put it's the message!

A message of just when you think " This is my life, I am in a loveless marriage, or I will always be a single mom " , whatever the issue is there is beauty in tragedy.  For that message alone I will reread this book over and over , because the author reminded me that there is always hope, there is always guidance we simply need to keep the faith.

Recommended for all DS fans!

5/5 star review
" Country takes her breath away but will it be able to have her heart too? "

Copy provided by Penguin Random House in exchange for a honest review