Taming Her Navy Doc by Amy Ruttan

Taming Her Navy Doc by Amy RuttanTaming Her Navy Doc by Amy Ruttan

Reviewed by Helen

This is a great story that will have you turning the pages the setting is so lovely a Navy hospital and SEAL training base in Okinawa, Japan.

Erica Griffin grew up a Navy brat with her father a SEAL but she lost him when she was young in tragic circumstances and decided that she wanted to join the navy herself but be a Doctor and she is nothing but strong and determined and has made her way up the ranks although not without some problems. She has served on the hospital ship Hope for some years and has treated many patients but there is one that has stayed in her mind for five years he will never be forgotten even though she never knew his name, but now it is time to make a move to a new workplace on the Japanese Island of Okinawa little realising that this will change her life forever.

Captain Thorne Wilder has been through a few tragedies in his life and is now determined to be a loner he is a Doctor and a very good trauma Doctor but has been a SEAL as well until an accident changed that for him. He is now in charge of the hospital on Okinawa and they need a new second in command someone who is good at what they do. He has never forgotten the face of the Doctor who operated on him five years earlier and changed his life and now he will actually get to meet her when she arrives to become his new second in command.

This is such a beautiful and emotional story of how love can help heal and bring happiness to people who really have been through some tough times and then to come out showing such strength I loved how Erika always stood up for what she wanted and thought was right no matter how much Thorne pushed her and to see their beautiful HEA bought tears to my eyes while smiling.

This really is a story that I highly recommend to see two people overcome such tragedy with such strength and happiness.

5/5 star review for a wonderful story

Harlequin Medical released July 2015
 Reviewed by Nas

TAMING HER NAVY DOC by author Amy Ruttan is August 2015 release by Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance series.

Captain Thorne Wilder was the man who had haunted her for the last five years! 

Surgeon Erica Griffin had him on a stretcher when she first saw him and then she’d amputated his infected leg. Now face to face with him as her commanding officer, would he recognize her? Did he blame her for taking his leg? 

TAMING HER NAVY DOC is a story which would hook a reader in and keep her glued to the pages till the end. Author Amy Ruttan brought this amazing setting of surgeons on army base which I enjoyed. It was fast paced and kept me engrossed in the story. I loved the emotional tension and the chemistry of Thorne and Erica.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.

Review by TashNz - 5 Stars review

Can I give a star just for our Hero's name?  Thorne Wilder #sigh Or for the magnificent location description of beautiful Okinawa, Japan #devine  But then that would mean there would be only three stars left for a story that I couldnt put down and this story deserves more than three stars. The reason I give Taming Her Navy Doc five stars is because the plot is so unique from everything else in this genre that I was hanging in there until the very last page to find out how on earth Erica and Thorne #DoubleSigh are going to get their happy ever after!

A sensational beginning has our surgeon heroine making the descision to amputate a stranger's leg.  As he's part of a covert op with the Navy and that's all she knows.  This mysterious stranger is "the one" you never forget.  Life goes on and Erica transfers to Okinawa, Japan #AgainDoubleSigh and discovers Thorne is her Commanding Officer.  Navy rules are strict and their love/hate (ok it's way more love than hate) is basically a no no, a losing your career no no!

I've read about scarred heroes, cripple heroes, blind heroes but never amputee heroes and I think Thorne #yesSigh was portrayed well, his amputee d leg was part of his issues and Erica isn't short of her own problems either.  Mixed with a beautiful setting, enough road blocks to cause a traffic jam I really really enjoyed the journey Taming Her Navy Doc took me on.

Amy Ruttan is becoming a firm fave!

Review by Alexia - 5 Star Review

"Taming Her Navy Doc" by Amy Ruttan leaves the reader enthralled in wanting to learn what will happen next. This is a 'Medical Romance' and tells us the story of Erica Griffin and Captain Thorne Wilder. The first meet when she is called in to amputate the leg of a Navy SEAL. He tells her not to amputate but infection has set in and there is nothing she can do to differently. Fast forward 5 years and he is now her commanding officer.

There is quite a bit to this story that I am leaving out for the reason that it is a great read, and deserves to be read rather than me telling you about it. It is a quick read, and I really liked it.

Review by Hina - 5 Star Review

A John Doe is what he was when Erica first operated on him in the middle of the night. A man who was hell bent on serving his country and damn the consequences.

Though she had some words to say, he was taken out of her care as he was a part of a covert operation. Years passed and she still thought of that time with a man she did not even know the name of. The blue eyes haunted her still.

Erica works hard to make a name in the still male dominant profession of being a Navy Commander and hopes to one day being a Captain. To lead and not just be the second in command.

On her posting to Okinawa, as Commander, she come face to face with those haunting blue yes that she remembers so vividly. She had believed him to be dead as the infection had been very severe when she had operated on him but he had made it. He lived and now she was his second in command. A man she has not only seen at the most vulnerable but also a man she was highly attracted to. The man is Captain Thorne Wilder.

Thorne knew who Erica was before her request to work in Okinawa was approved. He remembered the achingly beautiful and compassionate woman who had saved his life and sort of taken away the life he wanted to live with one decision that she made. He wanted to hate her for what she did but being a surgeon himself, he understood why she did what she did.

The moment she reported to him and he saw her, he started feeling the loss he had to bear at her hands again. Calling himself all kinds of fool for getting her here, irrespective of her being one of the best trauma surgeons, he decides then and there to make her life miserable here so that she file for a different posting.

What he finds out later is that she is one stubborn woman ready to bear all that can dish out and still stand her ground. Her ambitions and zeal are far too strong to be broken in this manner. A woman who respects herself enough to know how to remain tough when in line of fire.

What these two have never thought their future held was a life of love and happiness because both of them believe they do not deserve it and both of them are wrong.

These two people who have sacrificed for the love of their country and for the love of the people they call their own, deserve all the happiness that their tomorrows together promise to bring.

Recommended to every Romance Reader.

Review by Robyn - 4 Star Review

Taming Her Navy Doc was a sweet, emotional story. I liked reading about such a strong, heroine, Erica, having the grit and determination to advance her career in a male dominated world, as well as hold her own with the hero, Thorne, whose leg she amputated years earlier. I couldn't help but fall in love with Thorne for his scars and his ability to love a woman who was not only his equal, but who'd made the decision to amputate his leg. Something that changed his life and his career and which lots of people wouldn't be able to get past. If you love Medical Romance, you'll love this one!

Review by Cheryl - 5 Stars

“Taming Her Navy Doc” by Amy Ruttan.  Amy Ruttan did it again! Another great story!! Medical Romance!!
The night Navy Surgeon Erica Griffin was woken in the middle of the night to help an injured Navy SEAL while she was aboard a hospital ship. She made the decision that his leg had to be amputated. The Navy Seal came in as a John Doe arriving by helicopter and had his surgery and his commanding officer removed him 8 hours after surgery. He had begged her not to amputate his leg.
Erica remembered him and always wondered if he lived and of course so did the Navy Seal.
Five years later Erica moved up the ranks and was transferred to a Naval Hospital in Okinawa. Turned out that her new commanding officer is that same wounded soldier. She finds out his name is Thorne Wilder.
Captain Thorne Wilder was looking for a 2nd in command and her name had been first suggested. Erica grew up as a Navy brat with a father that was a SEAL.

Thorne knew who Erica was before her request to work in Okinawa was approved. He remembered the beautiful and angel like woman who had saved his life.
As much as both tried to not get involved you would have to read to find out what happens. These two people have sacrificed for the love of their country.