Sweet and Spicy, A Celebration of Romance Melbourne Romance Writers Guild

Reviewed By Alexia Janie Evans 

"Sweet and Spicy: A Celebration of Romance" is a collection of stories from several authors. 
It's part of the 'Melbourne Romance Writers Guild-Silver Anniversary Anthology.' The best thing 
about this book is that it offered many different stories.

 Each one was short enough, and gave the reader just a bite of what the story was about.
 If you're pressed for time and like to read short novellas you'll really enjoy this book.
 The book is rated in Chilli Ratings depending on the 'heat' aka hotness of the stories.
 So if you like not so hot love scenes you get a one or two rating. At three chillies you
 start getting some explicit scenes. Four chillies frequent sexual scenes and more graphic
 language, and Five chillies is super HOT and SPICY.

 If you like reading just a little bit of love don't read anything higher than three,
 but if ----like me---- you like reading a little bit more erotic scenes you'll be able to 
handle a higher rating. Very enjoyable.


Sweet and Spicy

A Celebration of Romance

Melbourne Romance Writers Guild

Sweet and Spicy by Melbourne Romance Writers G...

Reviewed by Helen

This is a great collection of short stories from authors who are
members of The Melbourne Romance Writers Guild in celebration
of twenty five years and the stories are so good, and all of them 
are different, different genres of romance and this is such a great 
way to find new authors and try different genres.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the stories and the chilli rating on them 
is good :) I will be looking out for releases from these authors to 
try more of their stories. These group of stories took us back in time 
to paranormal realms and in the now and suburbia and I am sure 
that you will find ones that standout but will enjoy all of them.

I do highly recommend reading this book and journey to many 
HEA that will have you on the edge of your seat shedding a few 
tears and as always with a wonderful romance smiling thank you 
ladies for hours of reading pleasure.

5/5 stars for a great read

Published November 10th 2015 by Melbourne Romance Writers Guild