A Daddy for Baby Zoe? by Fiona Lowe

A Daddy for Baby Zoe?

Fiona Lowe

A Daddy For Baby Zoe? by Fiona Lowe

Reviewed by Helen

This is such a moving story MS Lowe has taken some hard issues and turned them into a beautiful romance a journey that will have you shedding tears and smiling not to mention what a beautiful setting it is with secondary characters that add so much to this one.

Dr Meredith Dennison is eight months pregnant and very much looking forward to the birth of her baby but then tragedy strikes and she finds herself a widow she of course is shattered her husband is gone how is she to cope, she goes of to their holiday house on the beautiful Shearwater Island to work things through the baby is not due for a few more weeks and then she meets the neighbours Raf Camilleri and his father who live next door they are more than happy to help in any way the can especially when the baby comes early.

Rafe Camilleri has been through some really tough times himself he is a successful business man but is home on the island to care for his grumpy father who is recovering from a stroke this is not what he planed at all but with pressure from his sister he is here and doing the best he can, but when he notices the weekender neighbour in her fancy car and the sad look in her eyes he cannot help but be drawn to her little realizing that this meeting will change his life.

This story is amazing as it takes us on a magical journey to a HEA that has a few hurdles to overcome like how does someone fall in love with a new widow and seeing Meredith come to terms with another man in her life so soon and the birth of such a beautiful daughter that Raf is there for from the start and dealing with upset in laws and a big Italian family truly this is a fabulous story that I highly recommend this is one not to be missed, it is heart-warming and so very moving and I loved it.

5/5 stars for a beautiful story

Published January 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical