A Kiss To Change Her Life by Karin Baine

A Kiss To Change Her Life

Karin Baine

A Kiss To Change Her Life by Karin Baine

Reviewed by Helen

This is a beautifully written story one that will pull at your heart strings and then make you smile make sure you have your tissues at the ready you are going to need them

Dr Rob Campbell is a paediatrics oncologist at The Belfast Community Children's Hospital he works hard he is caring and understanding but he has been through tragedy he is not interested in any long term relationship just work and helping as many of these kids as he can he is also not fond of the media and is not impressed when the directors have given permission for a TV crew to do a documentary at the hospital and when he meets the producer Jessica Halliday he is anything but helpful but Jessica has also been through a lot and is determined to get along with Dr Campbell and suggests helping with his fundraising project a MRI scanner for the hospital this helps to get things moving.

Jessica is a strong determined woman who also has no intention of falling in love she has been there done that and with her past and the health issues she has had this is not going to happen but life throws up curve balls and very soon Rob and Jessica can no longer deny the sparks and pull that is bouncing between them and after one very sensual kiss they agree to a fling for a few weeks but love gets in the road of ending this and when they open up to each other their lives start to change for the better.

MS Baine knows how to pull you in from page one the story comes alive as the characters become real the emotion flies of the pages you will be crying smiling and cheering them on truly this is a story not to be missed it will bring joy to you, sit back and enjoy you will shed a few tears though always good in a good romance I think.

5/5 stars for a wonderful story

Published January 6th 2016 by Mills & Boon