A Mother For His Adopted Son by Lynne Marshall

Reviewed by Nas

A MOTHER FOR HIS ADOPTED SON by author Lynne Marshall is a Harlequin Medical Romance series release for January 2016.

Dr. Sam Marcus is a single parent to his adopted son Dani who had cancer of the eye and would go blind. He met Andrea Rimmer and she made a prosthetic eye for Dani.

But Andrea fell for little Dani the first time she met him. Could she say ‘no’ to Sam when he asked her to move in with them? Could she be sure Sam loved her and doesn’t just want a substitute mom for his son?

A MOTHER FOR HIS ADOPTED SON is a heart-warming story that would touch a reader’s heart and make them reach for tissues. It’s a tale about moving from past griefs and taking chances at love. Yet moving past the grief and sadness they discover new joy and love in their lives. This inspiring romance gives a reader the lesson that no matter what tragedy befalls you, there is always hope. Author Lynne Marshall, in her unique way, brought this emotional story to live amid all the medical drama.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance. 


A Mother for His Adopted Son

Lynne Marshall

A Mother for His Adopted Son by Lynne Marshall

Reviewed by Helen

Well this is such an emotional heart-warming story you will be needing a box of tissues as you journey to a HEA that has lots of ups and downs as two people who help each other open up and reveal a part of themselves that they have kept closed of to everyone else and this is caused by issues that stem from their childhoods.

Dr Sam Marcus's childhood leaves a real mark on him and his adult life is about helping people the reason he became a doctor he now has an adopted son Dani who has cancer and loses an eye Dani is doing well but need a prosthesis and this meeting with the ocularist who makes the new eye will change his and Dani's lives.

Andrea Rimmer is an artist first but is pushed by her domineering father to take on an apprenticeship as an ocularist oh she loves what she does loves helping people but her art is calling to her and she has some decisions that need to be made and then in walks Dr Sam Marcus and his adorable son Dani and her life will change in such a good way.

I loved this story from the start as I have said it is powerfully emotional as well as sensual to see Sam and Andrea open up and see what their past had done to them and see them fall in love in such a sensual way and of course there is Dani who adds to this journey I highly recommend this one you will feel uplifted when you get to the end and there will be tears of joy sit back and enjoy but keep your tissues handy MS Marshall has bought a story to life on the pages where the characters are so real you will feel such a part of this story. 

5/5 stars for a great story

       Published January 1st 2016 by Harlequin