WHEN I FOUND YOU by Kate James

Reviewed by: Amanda

When I Found You by Kate James is a super emotional story that will leave you satisfied until the end. Ms. James creates a cast of deeply flawed characters who are tested and tried throughout the book. The main focus of this story, in my perspective, is trust. I was moved by the inner turmoil of the H/h and I rooted for them along their bumpy journey towards their fulfilling forever after.

Book 3 in the K-9 Trilogy – When I Found You tells the story of Logan O’Connor who appeared in the previous K-9 books. In this book we get to know Logan on a personal level. The author delves deep into his life, chiseling away the tough outer walls he’d built around himself, revealing his soft side. A side where his emotions are raw and his goals are unraveled without overpowering the romantic side of the story. Meanwhile, the heroine of this clean, sweet, suspenseful and emotionally gripping story is Ariana Atkins, Chief of Security at the San Diego International Airport. When a series of security breaches scare the hell out of her, Ariana begins to question herself on whether someone is threatening her on purpose. Because of panic, she must work with Logan in finding the person behind the breaches although all fingers point in her direction! Of course sparks fly between Logan and Ariana. But is it enough to keep Logan from believing Ariana is the one instigating the breaches? Grab a copy of this book and find out!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars