Reviewed by: Amanda

A Pregnancy Scandal, second book in the Love & Lipstick series by Kat Cantrell is a sexy, angsty and well written story! I anticipated this book after reading the first novel in the series debut and I must say I am not disappointed at all. Ms. Cantrell layered her story so well that the settings, back stories, dialogues and vivid prose created a dazzling, edgy concoction. More so, her characters were flawed, flashy and uptight in a likable way. And as the title suggests, the unplanned pregnancy added extra drama to an already dramatic plot. I enjoyed reading this book due to the fact that Ms. Cantrell gives her characters enough room to grow and evolve. Phillip garnered my vote when he grows to accept and love Alexandra. I rooted for Alexandra from the beginning as she deals with her insecurities and learns to let go of her haunting past. And having Phillip finally accepting her as she is makes her growth as a character stronger. Surely, this is one story I’d recommend to readers. And though this is a common theme used in the Desire line, the author pulled off all the stops by adding her unique touch and making the story her own. So that is something worth the read.

4.5 Stars