Di Sione's Innocent Conquest by Carol Marinelli (The Billionaire's Legacy #1)

Di Sione's Innocent Conquest by Carol Marinelli
Reviewed by Helen

I do love a good mini series and this is book one in The Billionaire's Legacy and it starts with an emotional sensual all round fabulous story this one is going to keep you turning the pages.

Matteo Di Sione is the youngest of the Di Sione children who were bought up by their grandfather Giovanni after the tragic deaths of their parents Matteo was only five years old at the time and was pretty much left to fend for himself never understanding why so he has grown into a strong independent wealthy business man who is determined to stay single he leads a wild and sometimes dangerous life but he does care. When Matteo is summoned to his grandfather's residence the news is not good and Giovanni asks Matteo to reclaim something that means a lot to him one of his "Lost Mistresses" this brings Matteo in contact with the beautiful and defiant Abby Ellison and this will change Matteo's life in such a good way.

Abby Ellison is a thorn in her father's side instead of being the lady of fashion she is an engineer and runs a car racing team one that is struggling badly she lost her mother when she was young and her older sister is the apple of her hard father's eye but Abby is out spoken and determined to live her life the way she wants and although very innocent things have happened to Abby to help make her this way her father has offered to help the team on one condition and Abby is not giving in to him although when she meets Matteo things are going to change.

There is such a spark when Matteo and Abby meet but there is also so much in their way to see straight away what they mean to each other. This really is a face paced sensual sizzling emotional beautiful story that will pull at your heart strings it will bring you to tears but also have you smiling the banter between Matteo and Abby is fabulous. I highly recommend this one it is moving and so very sensual as Matteo and Abby journey such a an emotional path to an awesome HEA. I do look forward to the next one in this series.

5/5 Stars for a great story
Expected publication: June 21st 2016 by Harlequin

Review by Dottie - 5 Stars

Abby Ellison and Matteo Di Sione are the first couple in the 8 part series called the Billionaire's legacy. Matteo's grandfather summons Matteo to him to inform him that he is not well and his time is limited. Matteo who was raised by his grandfather after his parents death in a car accident when he was five has become independent and wealthy due to the fact that he was left to his own devices and felt his grandfather didn't love him. He will do anything for him so when he is summoned to his grandfather he finds he wants Matteo to find a necklace which is one of his "lost mistresses" and bring it to him before he dies. To obtain this necklace he finds the owner but he will only give him the necklace if he gets his daughter to come to his party dressed as a lovely women. Seems easy except she is an engineer running a car racing team. Matteo fears nothing and he is determined to stay single and live the wild dangerous life he enjoys. However he may have met his match as Abby Ellison is outspoken and will live her life as she chooses. She has to deal with a sister who is the favorite and her father who will only help financially if she does what he wants. Enter Matteo, he wants the necklace so he sponsors her team and is able to break through some of her barriers but one big one remains and he is determined to find out what it is. Ms. Marinelli writes a wonderful story and uses some wonderful one liners that make you smile even though at times you hurt for Abby. Two people wounded by the past find each other and the journey to the HEA is wonderful. Don't miss this book its a lovely start to I am sure a great series.