Taming Hollywood's Ultimate Playboy by Amalie Berlin (Hollywood Hills Clinic #7)

Taming Hollywood's Ultimate Playboy by Amalie Berlin
Reviewed by Helen

I am loving this series and this one is a beauty how do you tame one of Hollywood's top stars especially since you have known him forever and there is a secret that is very embarrassing to say the least between you but when Liam Carter needs help with a badly sprained ankle he also needs the help of his best friend's sister Grace Watson who is a physical therapist at The Hollywood Hills Clinic. Get ready for a fabulous rocky road to the ultimate HEA.

Grace works hard at her job in the clinic that has some of the top Hollywood actors as patients and the last time she saw Liam Carter was a long time ago and in a very embarrassing situation a lot has happened to Grace since then but she has never forgotten Liam and now here he is needing help that will put them together closely for a few days will this open up her feelings that she has kept under control for so long how is the strong Grace going to cope?

Liam Carter has worked hard to get to where he is today after the life he had growing up it has left him a little scared and so sure he is not the picket fence kind of guy no marriage or relationships for Liam hard work and fun. But when he meets up with Grace again the feelings and emotions he thought buried have come to the surface she pulled at his heart years ago and it seems she still can with her caring and kind ways can she get him to see the truth?

I highly recommend this one it is sensual moving and was a joy to read it had me turning the pages and smiling as the banter between them is so good they have a lot to open up about including that trench coat I won't say anymore other than to say this is a must read. 

5/5 stars for a great story

  Expected publication: July 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical 


Review by TashNz - 5 Stars

An awesome addition to a fantastic series. Fast paced, humorous and and a thoroughly enjoyable read which is hard to put down.

Liam needs to attend an important premier but doesn't want the world to know he's injured and can't walk properly. His next project, a life changing, career changing project, depends on it. Enlisting the help of his friend James's clinic, he's put into the hands of the best physio there is, Grace. Unfortunately Grace and Liam go way back and this meeting is awkward times a million.

I loved the fast paced story, the glitzy glamour of the premier, mixed with the behind the scenes look of what probably does happen with celebrities while they're getting ready for their interviews. I loved Grace's no nonsense approach when it came to her job and I loved the back stories and how the characters developed. I also liked that Grace wasn't the Grace that Liam remembers and how he handles her scars and dashed dreams.

In my opinion Amalie Berlin writes with a freshness that's thoroughly enjoyable to read and I throughly recommend this story to anyone who hasn't read medicals before, anyone who's following this series and anyone who's not read Amalie before (and especially if you have).

This story was the sunshine of my day!

Review by Alexia - 5 Stars

"Taming Hollywood's Ultimate Playboy (Mills & Boon Medical)" by Amelie Berlin is part of the series 'The Hollywood Hills Clinic' and can be read as part of the series, since you will meet up with characters from the other books, or as a read alone. In the story we have Grace Watson and Liam Carter. Grace is a physical therapist who works at the clinic, and Liam is an actor who hurt himself when he was running. They come together recently, but also share a past. Liam and Grace knew each other growing up. Her brother and Liam are really close friends, and Grace tried to seduce Liam one night (long before this current connection) of which he rebuffed her seduction. There is quite a bit to this story. We learn about both of their pasts, and see what brings them together. I love this series and their story.

Review by Amanda - 4.5 Stars

Taming Hollywood’s Ultimate Playboy by Amalie Berlin is another installment in ‘The Hollywood Hills Clinic’ series by Harlequin Medical romance. The book tells the story of Hollywood heartthrob Liam Carter and Grace Watson, a physical therapist. Grace’s life gets a tad complicated when she is tasked with caring for Liam after he is injured just before a big premier. She has no choice but to obey her boss’s orders. With their past history—Liam practically had rejected her once after she threw herself at him—Grace is on edge. Being in close proximity to Liam awakens past feelings. Could she stand a chance with Liam this time around?

Emotionally driven, fresh, sexy, entertaining and well-written, Taming Hollywood’s Ultimate Playboy by Amalie Berlin will have you rooting for the heroine as she deals with her attraction towards the hero. So get your copy and read on to find out how Grace and Liam reach their happy ever after.

4.5 Stars

Review by Cheryl Steckling - 5 Stars

The Hollywood Hills Clinic series is a very well written selection of Medical Romance.
Amalie Berlin caught the real sides of these characters in the book. Grace Watson and Liam Carter have not seen each other in a long time. Liam was Grace’s brothers best friend and Grace had a total crush on him! Last time Grace was wearing a trench coat and lingerie. Liam rejected her then and now they will find out they have to work together to achieve what needs to be done.
Now Grace is a top physical therapist and Liam is a Hollywood hottest property and she needs to get him literally back on his feet.
Grace had tempted him years ago and now tempts him even more. Liam is so sure he does not want the typical marriage with the picket fence or such but when he meets back up with Grace those hidden emotions come bubbling up to the top.
Liam has a big premier coming up and must be on his feet so he does not look like an injured and he has to listen to Grace and follow all her instructions.
You can read one or all of the Hollywood Hills Clinic series and you will enjoy.

Review by Hina - 5 Stars

They were friends by proxy because Liam Carter was Grace Watson's brother's best friend.

Who does not have a crush on their older brother's hottie of a friend? ;)

She had tried once in the past to be with him but he put forth his honourabe intentions forth and refused. Years later, they are brought together because she is physical therapist and he needs therapy.

A fun to read story where these two people, full of life, try to make sense of what their emotions are and what should they do with them.

Enjoyed the story line so much, I had to finish it one go.

Review by Lynn - 4 Stars

A fun friends-to-lovers story!

When Hollywood heartthrob, Liam Carter injures himself right before a big premier, he can only think of one person that can help him be well enough to make his rounds.

As a top physical therapist at The Hollywood Hills Clinic, Grace Watson doesn't have much of a choice when her boss asks her to be at Liam's beck and call for his premier. She would rather not see him again considering the last time they were in the same room together, she threw herself at him and he rejected her! Will a second chance at getting to be around each other again after all these years change the way either of then feels?

Review by Dottie - 5 Stars

Part of the Hollywood Hills clinic series but can be read alone. You will see past characters but that will not deter you from this stand alone book. Liam Carter gets ready for his big premier and as luck would have it injures himself. He needs the help of a physical therapist to get him back to his sport. Grace Watson is the best physical therapist but the last person she wants to help is Liam. They have a past and one that still has the ability to keep her as distant from him as possible. The last time they were together she threw herself at him and he totally rejected her. Now its her turn to reject helping him but her boss has other ideas, so she must see him again. A lovely second chance romance that leaves you with a smile.