A Di Sione for the Greek's Pleasure by Kate Hewitt - The Billionaire's Legacy #6

Review by TashNz

Natalia is sent off to look for a book of poems. Having not left her grandfather's estate for a very long time, Natalia is very nervous about tracking the book down and leaving the safety of the estate. When she finds herself in Angelos's office being mistaken as an applicant for the nanny of Angelos's daughter, she grabs the unique opportunity with both hands and agrees to be his daughters nanny.

From the first page till the last I was plunged into an exciting story filled with love, laughter, sadness, tears, adventure, firsts, beautiful locations, wonderful dialogue and every character facing fears.

A Di Sione For the Greek's Pleasure is very far from your average nanny falls in love with boss story. Kate Hewitt merges tradition with modern twists and untangles a beautiful love story which reminded me a lot of Beauty and the Beast. Picture Belle teaching The Beast how to be gentle and loving and the Beast humphing all frustrated. This is the imagery in my mind when reading Natalia's and Angelos's scenes when they start spending more time together. So great is Kate's storytelling I completely forgot the original reason she was at Angelos house and she nicely brings it back to remind me why Natalia is on Angelos Island and what she's looking for.

I award five stars because Kate Hewitt skillfully merges together a story which expertly explains Natalia's back story and weaves a character you can't help but adore. She introduces a beautiful and loving little girl called Sofia (Angelos daughter) who in my opinion is as important as the two main characters and finally Kate does a fabulous job of explaining Angelos back story and what has made him the person he is today. Inbetween it all Natalia's personality shines though, mixed with her Grandad and the book of poems. It's like a story tapestry that you can't help but admire.

A beautiful story with characters I'll be remembering for a long time. A welcome addition to the superb Di Sione series.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for the opportunity to read and provide my honest opinion.


A Di Sione for the Greek's Pleasure

Kate Hewitt

A Di Sione For The Greek's Pleasure by Kate Hewitt

Reviewed by Helen

I have a real thing for a Greek hero and especially one who is scared and Talia is just what he needs to bring him back and back to his daughter after a fire that caused physical as well as emotional damage and of course bring the feisty Talia out of her comfort zone as well.

You see portrait artist Talia Di Sione is on a mission for her beloved grandfather to find another of his mistresses a book of poems and Talia has tracked it to Greek billionaire Angelos Menas, Talia has not left her grandfather's estate for many years and this is going to be hard but Talia is nothing if not determined to get this book little does she realise that her life is about to change in such a good way when they first meet the sparks fly and Talia ends up being Nanny to Angelos's daughter Sofia.

Angelos Menas is a self made billionaire he comes from the streets and works hard after the fire that took is wife away and scared his beautiful daughter Angelos keeps to himself setting Sofia up on his island of Kallos not wanting to get too close to her, so when he is trying to find a new nanny and Talia turns up he is compelled to hire her there is a feeling that he has not had in a long time.

I loved this story Talia is so knowledgeable for someone so innocent who has been through so much herself but she is like a spitfire when she meets Sofia and realizes that they have so much in common and is like a dog with a bone getting Angelos to connect with his daughter again and falling more in love with him as she comes out of her comfort zone. I am loving this series and Talia and Angelos have such a sensual and angsty journey to a beautiful HEA.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Expected publication: November 17th 2016 by Mills & Boon