Devil's Honor

Devil's Honor

The Devil's Keepers #1

Megan Crane

Devil's Honor by Megan Crane

Reviewed by Helen

I do love reading the first book in a series and when I get to then end knowing that there are more to come and this one has done that for me bikers are strong alpha heroes they can be dirty and tough but they will do anything to protect and love the woman in their lives and I certainly enjoyed getting to know Greeley and Merritt.

Merritt Broussard grew up as the local Doc's daughter surrounded by swamp in the bayou country of Louisiana and the motor cycle club The Devil's Keepers. She is smart and was pushed by her father to do well and become something move away and make a life for herself so she does she studies at the best schools to become a lawyer but while back home for one summer holiday she meets up with biker Greeley and can I say WOW for a fling that is hot sensual and amazing but she needs to get away and off to New York but years later that doesn't work out and she needs the safety of her home town and Greeley is still there.

Greeley Shaw has only ever loved two things in his life his bike and his club and as Sargent at Arms he will do anything for them but when he has the best sex of his life that summer with Merritt he is determined to keep her but Merritt has other ideas so he gives her an ultimatum if she ever comes back to Lagrange so when she turns up five years later running scared Greeley steps up those feelings still lighting up the Bayou.

This is a fabulous story fast paced and filled with action and a very steamy affair between Merritt and Greeley I loved the banter between Merritt and Greeley the link they have is awesome the setting fabulous and I highly recommend this one and boy am I looking forward to more in this series these bikers are tough and need a woman to show them love and MS Crane has done this so well thank you for a great story.

4/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: November 1st 2016 by Loveswept