Make it Hurt

Make it Hurt

Texas Bounty #2

Jackie Ashenden

Make It Hurt by Jackie Ashenden

Reviewed by Helen

This is the second book in this series and it packs a punch when Nora and Smith are re-united, but a lot has changed since their first relationship Nora is not the innocent Daddy's girl she was who let Smith cop the lot when they were discovered by her Daddy and yes Smith is no longer the gentleman he was either a stint in Afghanistan and now President of the Graveyard Ministry MC has him demanding what he wants.

Nora is now a fugitive recovery agent and tough as nails a real spit fire who always gets her man and when she is sent to bring in a skip one member of the Graveyard Ministry MC she never expects to run into Smith the man she gave her innocence to many years ago and when he agrees to help her recover her skip on the proviso that she spend a night with him well lets say the sparks fly and Nora cannot refuse.

Smith is a changed man but he still wants Nora he cannot help this pull but it is only going to be for one night no more. Oh but Nora is a changed woman feisty and strong and this pulls Smith in even more so one night leads to another and then discovering some truths and will he give up the skip his brother for Nora ?

Sit back and enjoy this steamy story that will need you to have a fan and cold water handy because Nora and Smith warm the bed and lots of others places up with their bodies and their emotions but Smith also needs to talk and talking brings out a lot of truths between them. I loved this one and am really looking forward to the others in this series. Thank you MS Ashenden you have done it again another keeper.

5/5 for a great story
Expected publication: December 6th 2016 by Loveswept