Millionaire Under The Mistletoe

Millionaire Under The Mistletoe

Stefanie London

Millionaire Under the Mistletoe by Stefanie London

Reviewed by Helen

I love Christmas stories and this one is a beauty loved the setting an English estate close to Christmas cold a bit of snow around and a couple that are both lonely in their own ways they had been friends growing up but Evan had hurt Stella and now that Stella is back in England after the death of her beloved Grandfather and she has something that Evan really wants and Stella is determined not to give it to him sit back and enjoy this rocky path to a very moving HEA.

Stella Jackson is an only child loves her job and surfing and her home town of Brisbane Australia she is not fond of the cold and although she spent a lot of time in England growing with her grandfather it was always summer when she was there but sadly she has a task that her grandfather has requested be done and she is back in England and it is cold, and when she meets up with her old friend Evan the one person who she was always drawn to but the one person who hurt her, but you know that spark between them is still there even after what happened between them.

Evan Foss is a millionaire self made and is also grieving for his mentor Stella's grandfather Evan is English through and through and now he wants the Jackson estate to work with can he win Stella over and get it? They used to be good friends not these days but both have always strived on a challenge so a bet is made may the best man win and Evan is determined to win and along the way that heat between them gets stronger.

This is a very moving and sensual story friends to lovers both determined to stay single after what they have been through but there are also secrets to uncover unknown to them and a love that grows stronger as they journey a very up and down path to a beautiful HEA. MS London never fails to bring out the strength and love between a hero and heroine I loved Evan his caring nature flowed from the pages and Stella had been hurt a few times but still could smile and this one had me smiling thank you for another great story.

5/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: November 14th 2016 by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Indulgence)