Shadows of Hunters Ridge

Shadows of Hunters Ridge

Hunters Ridge #2

Sarah Barrie

Shadows Of Hunters Ridge by Sarah Barrie

Reviewed by Helen

Well I have been waiting for this one and can I say WOW what a fabulous story it is, truly this book has everything that a romantic suspense needs to pull the reader in from page one, edge of your seat suspense danger so much danger strong characters that make you feel so much a part of the story and then a hero and heroine that so deserve each other and after a dangerous path get there.

Ebony Blakely is the Hunters Ridge Vet and loves her job yep she has been through a lot (in the last book) but has come through strong as ever even though she knows and feels that someone is always watching from the shadows she is determined to stay strong, she is so close to her brother and his wife and friends Mia and Lee Dalton ex-cop and the man who has her heart but treats her like a best friend will there ever be a time when Ebs and Lee will become an item.

Lee Dalton loves his job and friends in Hunters Ridge he is an ex-cop and has put all that happened in the past behind him. He is single and often has girlfriends but not for long, yes he feels a lot for his best friend's sister Ebs but it has to be hands off because of the past, but with danger lurking and Ebony seems to be the prize for the monsters lurking around the town this brings them closer together and in such an emotional way I loved the strength that both Lee and Ebs showed.

I was left speechless after staying up so late last night to finish this one it is fabulous truly MS Barrie has done it again written a story that ticks all of the boxes brought danger, suspense and a true complicated friendship to a sensual emotional and moving beautiful HEA amazing story that I cannot highly recommend enough the characters the good ones and the monsters come to life on the pages yes there will be tears, fear and happy smiles and sighs in the end. Thank you MS Barrie for hours of reading pleasure and boy I can't wait for the next one.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published November 1st 2016 by Escape Publishing - Harlequin Enterprises, Australia